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Man Shares His Most Interesting Finds From Google Earth

 Google Earth is a pretty incredible tool. Even if you are not using it for navigation, you can discover many interesting places from around the world through it. A geologist, Will, who goes under the nickname geologistmakesthebedrock, has been collecting and sharing some really cool places he found from this wonderful program. Many of those places are man-made structures while several others are surreal-looking land formations. Here, we have shared some of his best finds. From beautiful volcanoes to stunning islands, these places look so fascinating on Google Earth. Take a look. 

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1. A fort in Lille, France. 

Google Earth images,  fort in Lille, France. 

2. A private island on the coast of Maine. The bridge has a gate, and the house overlooks a shipping lane in Penobscot Bay.

Google Earth images, private island on the coast of Maine

3. This looks like an abstract painting but these are pits that are used in a very old-fashioned salt extraction operation.

Google Earth images, pits

4. An extremely serpentine river. Almost looks like a painting...

Google Earth images, river

5. A real live oasis! The lines you see are tracks from cars. The smaller ones must be of animals.

Google Earth images, oasis

6. A perfect meteor crater with a very nice raised rim.

Google Earth images, meteor crater

7. The circular reflections of these waves look so cool.

Google Earth images, waves

8. This is Assamakka, a small town in Niger. The community has to battle with the raging sands every single day. 

Google Earth images, Assamakka

9.  A shipwreck on a desert coast in North West South Africa.

Google Earth images, shipwreck

10. A river cutting a hole in the ice.

Google Earth images, river

11. Some sort of reservoir in Belgium with an unusual octagonal pond.

Google Earth images, reservoir

12. This volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia looks so well-formed.

Google Earth images, volcano

13. An atoll, also known as a coral atoll, is a ring-shaped coral reef, island, or series of islets, that encircles a lagoon partially or completely. 

Google Earth images, atoll

14. A volcano poking up out of the South Pacific.

Google Earth images, volcano

15. The Zambezi River in Africa downstream of the falls. The path of the river seems rather unusual. 

Google Earth images, Zambezi River
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