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The Fun Is In the Details - 12 Fascinating Items

 There are things in this world whose only intention in life is to confuse you or to trick you into believing that they’re something they’re not. And somehow, seeing these mind-bending items is just as fascinating as it is perplexing. Are you ready to give your brain a good workout? Here, you will see a lime that looks like a brain, a pillow that could easily be confused with a log, a cool table made partly out of recycled books, and many other interesting everyday items.

1. This cool vintage set of rings can look like a single ring

Confusing items cool vintage set of rings

2. This table is made partly out of recycled books

Confusing items table

3. This is no new bird species - it's a blue jay that still has half of its baby feathers

Confusing items blue jay

4. Did you know that a kaffir lime, also known as Thai lime, looks kind of like a brain?

Confusing items kaffir lime

5. "It looked like a perfect cake at first, but then I cut it in two and found out that one egg yolk survived the mixer at work."

Confusing items egg yolk cake

6. Is it a fork? Is it a spoon?

Confusing items spork

7. This is not the work of some intricate mining operation but natural wind erosion

Confusing items wind erosion of a rock

8. Think you're out of toilet paper? Not with this roll!

Confusing items toilet paper

9. This Buddha's hand, also called the fingered citron, looks like it's on a rock concert!

Confusing items Buddha's hand

10. A surprise waiting to be discovered in an ordinary wall - a bottle with a small note inside. I wonder what it says?

Confusing items a bottle with a small note inside in a wall

11. These realistic pillows that look like a log or a tree slice must be popular in pillow fights

Confusing items pillows that look like a log or a tree cookie

12. When you hold up this cup against the light, it reveals a picture of a woman. How cool is that?

Confusing items cup with a picture of a woman
Source of all images: izismile
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