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Adorable: "I Want to Hug My Cat But It Won’t Let Me!!!"

 If you are a seasoned cat owner, you would know that attempting to hug your lovable feline friend is often an exercise in futility. Sometimes, you simply can’t resist showering your cat with affection, and that can lead to some hilarious reactions. Take these cat owners, for example. They tried their best to hug or kiss their cats, only to be greeted with outright rejection. Looking at these pictures, we don’t know if we should sympathize with the pet owners or the cats!

1. "Somebody please release me!!!"

Funny cats, hug

2. "No, thank you!"

Funny cats, mistletoe

3. "No, human. I don't want your love."

Funny cats, love

4. "Must call out for help, or else she will squeeze me to death."

Funny cats, hug

5. That dreaded look of terror...

Funny cats, selfie

6. "Get your face away from me."

Funny cats, face

7. "Not today, woman!"

Funny cats, kiss

8. "When is he gonna let me go?"

Funny cats,

9. "No, God. No more smooches..."

Funny cats, smoochies

10. "Nope. Still not interested."

Funny cats,

11. "She's got me again. HELP!!!"

Funny cats, cuddle

12. "I really hate these selfies."

Funny cats,

13. "Put the camera down and help me!!!"

Funny cats, camera

14. Poor guy! Cats just don't seem to like his hugs... 

Funny cats,

15. "Please, just let me goooo..."

Funny cats, kiss
All images source: Izismile
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