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The Unseen Beauty of Everyday Life in Asia by Ryosuke Kosuge

 This Japanese photographer Ryosuke Kosuge shows us the parts of Asia most people in the West rarely get to see. No, we’re not talking about a secret museum, historical site, or a little-known city where you can go sightseeing. We mean the mundane, everyday life in Asian countries like Japan, Vietnam, or China, where traditional craftsmanship meets the urban environment and creates a completely new and unique aesthetic.

1. Vietnam

Ryosuke Kosuge photos Vietnam

2. Japan

Ryosuke Kosuge photos Japan
Ryosuke Kosuge works under the name RK. He seeks out these truly unique urban scenes as he travels through his home city of Tokyo, Hong Kong, and others. But the photographer is just as skilled at taking photographs of small villages and natural sights in rural places, where he masterfully depicts the traditional crafts and local cuisines. Take a look at some of his most outstanding works.

3. Guizhou, China

Ryosuke Kosuge photos Guizhou, China

4. Keelung, Taiwan

Ryosuke Kosuge photos Keelung, Taiwan

5. Vietnam

Ryosuke Kosuge photos Vietnam

6. Nanning, China

Ryosuke Kosuge photos Nanning, China

7. Heaven’s Gate Mountain, Zhangjiajie, China

8. Hong Kong

Ryosuke Kosuge photos Hong Kong

9. Kadokawa Culture Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Ryosuke Kosuge photos  Kadokawa Culture Museum

10. Vietnam

Ryosuke Kosuge photos Vietnam
View more of RK's photographs on his Instagram Page.
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