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14 Mind Blowing Photos From Car Repair Shops

 Being a car mechanic is a fun job, and not in the ways you’d expect! For one, it makes you wonder how some cars stay on the road, given the negligence they sustain from their owners. But that’s not all. An unexpected perk of working at an automobile repair facility is that, apparently, it brings you closer to the animal world. Don’t believe us? Just look at these bizarre photos!

1. "Just saved this little guy. I had to remove the front end of the vehicle to do it, but he is now free and alive and well." 

Car Repair rabbit
Image Source: Reddit

2. "Customer said all 4 of them were uninjured but we can’t say the same about the car."

Car Repair tree in car
Image Source: Reddit

3. The owner of this car said that her husband "patched up" the tire... with duct tape... and she wondered why it kept leaking air.

4. Here's what happens when you smoke in your car all the time

Car Repair smoker's car
Image Source: Reddit

5. You're not seeing things - it's THAT bent!

Car Repair bent tire
Image Source: Reddit

6. Imagine having no idea about the Batman seat and opening this car when it's dark

Car Repair Batman seat
Image Source: Reddit

7. Drive safe? Never heard of it!

Car Repair worn tires
Image Source: Reddit

8. The owner decided to install the battery on their own, but they chose the wrong size...

Car Repair wrong battery size
Image Source: Reddit

9. Apparently, the car was "overheating a little..."

Car Repair car overheating
Image Source: Reddit

10. Good luck accessing the battery terminal!

11. The owner of this car said that the tire was flat. That's clearly not the main problem here.

Car Repair tools inside a tire
Image Source: Reddit

12. "Customer complains of fuel smell. This is half of the gas cans he has in the back."

Car Repair fuel smell
Image Source: Reddit

13. Here's why you need to put your vehicle in neutral when you're towing a car behind an RV.

Car Repair mistake of towing a car behind an RV
Image Source: Reddit

14. "Don't worry, he's friendly," the customer said...

Car Repair hawk in car
Image Source: Reddit
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