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Meet the Inspiring Woman Who Saves Neglected Animals

 You may have heard and read many animal rescue stories, But this one is truly special and unique. Adri Rachelle is an animal lover who has provided nearly 200 neglected animals a safe home on her beautiful farm in Athens, Georgia. The 33-year-old founder of the Wild Things Sanctuary spends tens of thousands of dollars to keep the animals well taken care of all year round. Amazingly, she has doubled the number of animals she's rescued in just two years and has no intention of slowing down!
Today, her unique farm is host to a variety of animals - from cows and ferrets to parrots and dogs. Find out more about this remarkable story...

This is how you are greeted when you enter Adri’s farm.

Abandoned Animals farm, dogs and cows
Image source: Adri Rachelle

This little Scottish highland cow looks so beautiful and fluffy!

Abandoned Animals farm, cow
Image source: Adri Rachelle

Clearly, her animals adore her...

Abandoned Animals farm, parrots
Image source: Adri Rachelle
Adri founded the Wild Things Sanctuary after years of rescuing animals that were either abandoned or needed immediate assistance. Helping animals was something she enjoyed even as a child. But now, it has become her life’s primary focus. “Animals that are broken and in danger have always seemed to cross my path and knowing that I’m offering them a safe place to heal gives my life a purpose and that reward far outweighs all of the time, money, and sadness running an animal sanctuary can bring,” she said in an interview to Bored Panda.

The highland cows are the stars of her farm!

Abandoned Animals farm, highland cows
Image source: Adri Rachelle

These little puppies have found a nice friend.

Abandoned Animals farm, puppies
Image source: Adri Rachelle
While taking care of animals every day is a challenging job, Adri enjoys every minute of it. Understandably, not all the animals she brings to the farm take to her immediately. However, when they realize that this is a safe haven for them, they make themselves comfortable. 

These two beautiful horses were given a home on the farm last year.

Abandoned Animals farm, horses
Image source: Adri Rachelle

This alpaca is in a festive mood!

Abandoned Animals farm, Llama
Image source: Adri Rachelle

The most adorable baby goat you will see!

Abandoned Animals farm, calf
Image source: Adri Rachelle
Managing such a huge farm and taking care of so many animals is quite expensive, of course. Apart from putting in her own funds, Adri also receives donations from time to time. But even then, she has to make huge financial sacrifices on her part. She even sold her dream truck to help save a herd of cattle that were bound for slaughter. 

They are so handsome, aren't they?

Abandoned Animals farm, cow

Image source: Adri Rachelle

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A once neglected ferret now looks so happy...

Abandoned Animals farm,
Image source: Adri Rachelle

The piglets on the farm love to climb on Hodor's back for their daily nap.

Abandoned Animals farm, piglets
Image source: Adri Rachelle

According to Adri, this tegu has grown a lot in just a few months.

Abandoned Animals farm, tegu
Image source: Adri Rachelle

When it's time for dinner at the farm...

Abandoned Animals farm, dinner
Image source: Adri Rachelle
“I also pride myself on always exceeding an animal’s basic requirements for living… I want them to be spoiled and try to create homes for them that are absolutely over the top and incredible! Thrive instead of just survive!” says Adri. Hopefully, her noble work will inspire more people to go out of their way to help animals in need.

The pigs relaxing comfortably on a sunny day at the farm.

Abandoned Animals farm, pigs
Image source: Adri Rachelle

 Adri found this rooster and turkey by chance and decided to bring them home to her farm. 

Abandoned Animals farm, rooster and turkey
Image source: Adri Rachelle
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