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15 Photos of Cool Natural Phenomena

 Nature is the original source of inspiration for us humans. We’ve been admiring it for millennia. Yet, somehow, it keeps coming up with new ways to surprise and amaze us. And while not all of us are able to spend hours every day investigating the inner workings of nature, we can all certainly take a few minutes to admire and learn something new about this mysterious world we live in.
In this article, we display 15 unique photos of various natural phenomena - from rare eye colors to beautiful rock formations, and even albino plants.

1. A perfectly-preserved ice print of a leaf

Photos of Nature A perfectly-preserved ice leaf print
Image Source: Reddit

2. This girl has partial heterochromia in both eyes

Photos of Nature partial heterochromia in both eyes
Image Source: Reddit

3. A meteorite against the sun

4. This Ornithoptera rhadamantus butterfly is a gynandromorph: one side of its body is female (left), and the other one is male

5. A few Mastodon teeth and a jawbone someone found in their backyard

Photos of Nature Mastodon tooth and jawbone
Image Source: Reddit

6. This is a desert rose. It is a crystal formation made of gypsum that forms in the Sahara Desert.

Photos of Nature desert rose
Image Source: Instagram

7. The dew that formed on this trampoline is square-shaped

Photos of Nature square dew on the trampoline
Image Source: Reddit

8. This is the same tree, but the bark looks like it's two different trees

Photos of Nature tree
Image Source: Reddit

9. Just a baby turtle floating on a piece of bread

10. Emu eggs have a beautiful emerald color

Photos of Nature Emu egg
Image Source: Reddit

11. A congregation of snails on a tree

Photos of Nature congregation of snails
Image Source: Reddit

12. The frozen water in this water fountain looks like a transparent mushroom

13. This man has a birthmark on his eye

Photos of Nature man with a birthmark on his eye
Image Source: Reddit

14. Ferns can be albino, too!

Photos of Nature albino fern
Image Source: Reddit

15. These huge roots belong to a Sequoia (a person for scale)

Photos of Nature Sequoia roots
Image Source: Reddit
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