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Shocking - The World Has Never Seen Texas Like This Before

 Have you ever thought you’d see Texas turn into Canada this winter? As several winter storms swept through the state this week, temperatures dropped below -2°F (-19°C) for the first time in decades. The record-breaking cold and the ongoing devastating snowstorms made the energy demands across the state skyrocket, so rolling power outages were implemented across the state to conserve energy.
Completely unequipped to deal with such weather and forced to save energy, millions of people were left with little to no power for days. The pictures below show how the deadly storm has affected the state and individual households in general. Let’s hope and pray that a spell of warmer weather is on the way and the millions affected by the storms will soon experience relief.

1. Inside an apartment in Dallas

Texas Snow Storms ceiling fan in Dallas
Image Source: Twitter

2. The majestic Texas Longhorn near Enchanted Rock State Park

Texas Snow Storms Texas Longhorn near Enchanted Rock State Park
Image Source: Twitter

3. "Going to the restroom in Texas today. (Real pic from a house in Dallas)"

Texas Snow Storms restroom in Dallas
Image Source: Reddit

4. The Valentine's Day freeze in Houston

Texas Snow Storms  The Valentine's Day freeze in Houston
Image Source: Instagram

5. "Texas Game Wardens assigned to Cameron county rescued 141 sea turtles from the frigid waters of the Brownsville Ship Channel and surrounding bays"

Texas Snow Storms 141 sea turtles saved by Texas Game Wardens
Image Source: Facebook

6. Things look completely unlike Texas in Fredericksburg

Texas Snow Storms Fredericksburg
Image Source: Twitter

7. Some people come up with creative ways to plow snow

Texas Snow Storms plow snow
Image Source: Reddit

8. A frozen fountain in Houston

Texas Snow Storms frozen fountain in Houston
Image Source: Reddit

9. "Seeing snow on our cactus is so surreal!"

Texas Snow Storms snow on our cactus
Image Source: Reddit

10. "It’s hard to see the beauty in any of this snow through the pits in our stomachs, shivering animals, no running water, and no power for over 100 hours at the farm. We’ve all been doing our best to keep the eggs warm and the animals fed, but this egg got away"

Texas Snow Storms frozen egg
Image Source: Instagram

11. "It’s hard to believe I’m still in Texas..."

Texas Snow Storms Texas landscape
Image Source: Reddit

12. Some don't seem to mind the sub-zero weather

Texas Snow Storms snowboarding
Image Source: Instagram

13. Cats playing on a completely frozen swimming pool

Texas Snow Storms Cats playing on a completely frozen swimming pool
Image Source: Reddit

14. The snow-covered cityscape of Austin, Texas

Texas Snow Storms Austin, Texas
Image Source: Instagram

15. This car wash is completely frozen over! 

Texas Snow Storms car wash
Image Source: Reddit

16. A frozen playground in Houston, Texas

Texas Snow Storms  frozen playground in Houston, Texas
Image Source: Twitter

17. "Left the faucet dripping to keep the pipes from freezing. It didn’t work out. Taylor, Texas"

Texas Snow Storms faucet in Taylor Texas
Image Source: Reddit
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