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These Nifty Innovations Will Make Our World a Better Place

 "Necessity is the mother of invention" it is said. Indeed, that's true. Every year, we get to see a number of cool and creative inventions that are designed to make our lives easier. Today, we will look at some of the newer innovations that you have probably never seen before. These genius inventions are proving to be extremely useful for ordinary people and are helping make the world a better place. From toothbrushes with replaceable bristles to the world’s first pizza vending machine, these inventions can come in handy for all of us. Take a look.

1. These meat labels react to ammonia, a byproduct of meat spoilage. The moment the labels turn completely blue, the barcode won't be able to scan them for sale.

Genius New Inventions, meat labels
Image source: Reddit

2. This new vein finder illuminates veins clearly. The innovation is sure to become a huge help for medical professionals and make IV insertions much easier for them. 

Genius New Inventions, vein finder 
Image source: Reddit

3. These huge bins along cycle paths in the Netherland allow cyclers to dispose of garbage without slowing down. More importantly, it ensures that there are lesser chances of litter on the roads.

Genius New Inventions, bins trash
Image source: Reddit

4. Toothbrush with replaceable bristles. Now, you won't have to keep buying a new toothbrush after every few months! 

Genius New Inventions, Toothbrush
Image source: Reddit

5. Mexico has recently adopted a new policy of food products requiring front-of-pack warning labels. Food and beverage items that are high in calories, sugar, saturated fat, trans fat, and sodium, and those containing non-caloric sweeteners, will now have to use these labels in the country. Since these warnings will be right in the front, it will make sure that people know exactly why the food can be unhealthy for them. 

Genius New Inventions, labels on food
Image source: Reddit

6. Appropriate soap for before or after you eat.

Genius New Inventions, soap
Image source: Reddit

7.  A hydration chart in a toilet that tells you whether you are properly hydrated or not. 

Genius New Inventions, hydration chart
Image source: Reddit

8. These squeaky kids' shoes have a switch to turn off the squeaking.

Genius New Inventions, kids shoes
Image source: Reddit

9. Batteries with a bitter coating to prevent kids from swallowing them.

Genius New Inventions, batteries
Image source: Reddit

10. With this egg holder, you can store and boil many eggs at the same time.

Genius New Inventions, egg holder
Image source: Instagram

11. A Christmas tree that's ideal for the environment! 

Genius New Inventions, Christmas tree
Image source: Reddit

12. This furniture design doubles up as a home gym and fits comfortably in any space of your house! 

Genius New Inventions, furniture design
Image source: Instagram

13. This awesome temperature control mug can be operated by your phone. You can set the temperature within a preconfigured range and the mug will keep the drink at that temperature. 

Genius New Inventions, ember mug
Image source: Reddit

14. A shopping bag with a printed holiday pattern on it so that it can be reused as wrapping paper.

Genius New Inventions, shopping bag
Image source: Reddit

15. The world’s first pizza vending machine! With this first-of-its-kind machine, you get to create your own pizza in under 3 minutes.

Genius New Inventions,
Image source: Imgur
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