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9 Fascinating Maps of Regional Words Across the USA

 Let’s do a quick test: in your mind, count the number of syllables in the word ‘caramel’ before letting us reveal where you’re from. If you say that this word consists of three syllables, our guess is that you grew up either on the East Coast of the United States or in Texas.
The rest of the country would only count two syllables in the name for this delicious treat, pronouncing it as ‘car-ml’. The map below lets you inspect the distribution of this odd word across the United States.
How many syllables are there in the word 'caramel'?
Maps of Regional Words in the USA caramel
Now let’s do another one: what do you call the device that produces a small jet of water for drinking? You know the one, it’s especially common in schools. If you answered ‘bubbler’, then we can say with certainty that you’re either from Wisconsin or New England.
In the rest of the country, people call the same device a drinking fountain or a water fountain, depending on where they grew up. The map below shows in detail which regions of the country are committed to which version.
Maps of Regional Words in the USA water fountain
Isn’t it fascinating how a name for an object or the way you pronounce a specific word can reveal so much about you? Regional word variations are not an exact science, but they are a lot of fun. After all, they allow you to spot where the person is from, even if they don’t have a heavy accent. As you will be able to see in the maps below, Americans are quite divided about the way they call common objects, be it soft drinks, footwear, or insects.

The various ways to say the plural form of 'you'

Maps of Regional Words in the USA y'all

How people from different regions refer to a semi-trailer truck

Maps of Regional Words in the USA semi
Learn more regional words across the United States, as well as more specifics about some of the words mentioned in these maps in our previous article titled Is It Soda or Pop? 12 Fun and Interesting Regional Words.

What's another word for "rubbish bin"?

Maps of Regional Words in the USA rubbish bin

So many ways to refer to a yard sale

Maps of Regional Words in the USA yard sale

In the UK, they call this variety of sports shoes 'trainers'

Maps of Regional Words in the USA

Two common ways to refer to glowing insects

Maps of Regional Words in the USA firefly

Who knew that the way you call a soft drink could differ so much?

Maps of Regional Words in the USA soda
Source of all images: Imgur
Share these maps with friends and see if they correspond with their dialects!
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