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16 Times People Made Hilarious Mistakes on Public Signs

 English spelling, grammar, and punctuation can be tricky, there’s no denying that. Still, it’s just one of those things that you just need to know in order to communicate and express yourself. If you ever doubted this fact, these hilarious mistakes made on public signs will definitely change your mind once and for all!

1. I wonder why no one buys that "bread"...

Funny Public Signs "bread"
Image Source: cheezburger

2. Extreme company policy

Funny Public Signs wash hands before living
Image Source: dailymoss

3. McDonald's, why are you selling mice? 

Funny Public Signs McDonald's mice
Image Source: thelanguagenerds

4. I'd advise against enrolling at this specific high school

Funny Public Signs your instead of you're
Image Source: teylarachelbranton

5. This company is selling you lies, haha

Funny Public Signs lies & fish
Image Source: thelanguagenerds

6. This is why commas really matter

Funny Public Signs no smoking alcohol
Image Source: thelanguagenerds

7. As a pedestrian, I'd be super suspicious...

Funny Public Signs "watch" pedestrian
Image Source: cheezburger

8. Where's the back work?

Funny Public Signs  back work
Image Source: Acidcow

9. The order of pictures could be better here...

Funny Public Signs wash hands
Image Source: Acidcow

10. Punctuation makes a huge difference, too...

Funny Public Signs gluten free new owner
Image Source: dailymoss

11. Sorry, what?

Funny Public Signs no biking
Image Source: sandboxsigns

12. They should have been a bit clearer with this sign...

Funny Public Signs beware of bear
Image Source: Reddit

13. What's going on here?

Funny Public Signs cake
Image Source: Acidcow

14. Food burgers, my favorite!

Funny Public Signs Food burgers
Image Source: Acidcow

15. You should get a refund for that sign... oh...

Funny Public Signs professional sign's
Image Source: teylarachelbranton

16. Do NOT take it!

Funny Public Signs take one
Image Source: cheezburger
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