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These Works Show Why Art Has the Power to Change the World

 Modern art plays a crucial role in influencing the way we think about the world. Different works of art have the power to change our perspectives and values and can also show us a new understanding of life and existence. Here, we have presented some profound new pieces of art that will make you reflect upon the world. These creative works touch upon a myriad of themes – from homelessness to environmentalism – and are sure to leave an impact on you.

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1. This artist revamps old manholes to bring awareness to homelessness.

Profound Works of Art, manholes
Image source:  biancoshock / Instagram

2. This disposable coffee lid aims to raise awareness of our impact on the planet.

Profound Works of Art, disposable coffee lid
Image source: Reddit

3. Invisible Homeless is a work of art by Luke Jerram that has been made to highlight the plight of homeless people. 

modern art

Image source: Acid Cow

4. This piece of art in Melbourne resembles a sinking library, showing that we don't visit them too often nowadays. 

Profound Works of Art, sinking library
Image source: Reddit

5.  These “melting men” installations by Brazilian sculptor Nele Azevedo have been made on the step of Chamberlain Square in Birmingham, UK. The 5,000 little ice figurines are a tribute to the men and women who lost their lives in WWI, while also referring to the global warming problem.

Profound Works of Art, “melting men” installations by Brazilian sculptor Nele Azevedo

6. Made from ceramic and wire and named "Computer Dude", this creative piece shows how modern technology has become such a huge part of our lives.

Profound Works of Art, modern technology
Image source: Reddit

7. Another striking piece of artwork that reminds us about the importance of recycling.

Profound Works of Art, recycling
Image source: Reddit

8. The tree may be dead, but nature is always alive... 

Profound Works of Art, nature
Image source: Reddit

9. A magnificent sculpture by Daniel Popper showing how each one of us has a beautiful garden within.

Profound Works of Art, sculpture

10. Cage of Depression. The artist wanted to portray that in depression the sense of hopelessness and despair blinds you to the reality that there is a path to healing.

Profound Works of Art, depression
Image source: Reddit

11. This sculpture is an attempt to show that in today's world, many of us don't see each other despite being together...

Profound Works of Art, sculpture
Image source: Reddit

12. 70 degrees of decay. A simple anticlockwise rotation of 70° represents how social situations can be changed today.

Profound Works of Art,
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