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What’s Winter Without Some Cool Snow Sculptures?!

 What’s winter without a bit of fun in the snow, right? Even if you hate shoveling snow in your yard, you can’t deny that the stuff can be used in a lot of creative and fun ways. A good old snowman is, of course, always fun to create. But, as you will see in the pictures below, all you need is some imagination to make amazing things out of snow.
These people went out of their way to make some wonderful snow sculptures that look absolutely gorgeous. From giant snow turtles to delicious looking snow cupcakes, this is snow art at its finest!

1. Marshmallow and fire!

Snow Sculptures, Marshmallow
Image source: Reddit

2. Now that's a giant turtle! 

Snow Sculptures, giant turtle
Image source: Bartz Snow Sculptures

3. "Hey, Mom! We found the King of Sharks in your backyard!"

Snow Sculptures, Shark Image source: Bartz Snow Sculptures

4. Let the sleeping Snow Dragon lie...

Snow Sculptures, Dragon
​Image source: Imgur

5. "Help! A giant lizard is eating my car!"

Snow Sculptures, lizard
​Image source: Reddit

6. That's one way to keep the pesky neighbors off your lawn...

Snow Sculptures, Shark
​Image source: Reddit

7. The mailbox is in so much pain. But he's just trying to "box up" his emotions...

Snow Sculptures, mailbox
​Image source: Reddit

8. Which one is the real dog? 

Snow Sculptures, dog

9. The dragon is basking in the sun!

Snow Sculptures, dragon
​Image source: Instagram

10. The majestic eagle has landed! 

Snow Sculptures, eagle
​Image source: BoredPanda/John Gragert

11. There's a sloth on the Washington Monument.

Snow Sculptures, Sloth
​Image source: Reddit

12. Time to relax and spend some time with my Snow Friend.

Snow Sculptures,
​Image source: BoredPanda/Peter Chaplin

13. This looks so real I can almost see the bird taking off.

Snow Sculptures, swan
​Image source: BoredPanda/Stephanie Green

14. Care to try out this snow slide?

Snow Sculptures, slide
​Image source: BoredPanda/Caitlin Raiche

15. That cupcake looks so yummy!

snow art, cupcake

​Image source: BoredPanda/Paul Crozzoli
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