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These Hilarious Illustrations Translate Norwegian Idioms

 Do you know how many times you end up using common idioms without even realizing it? Yes. Idioms like “head in the clouds”, “as cool as a cucumber”, “a piece of cake”, and “heart in your mouth” have become a part of our everyday language for a while now. And you can’t deny that they are fun to use, too.

However, English isn’t the only language that has great idioms. The Norwegian language, for example, has many fun idioms that can be really cool to learn. An Instagram account named Bad Norwegian Translations features unique literal Norwegian translations. What makes them even better is that they are cutely illustrated as well. Here, we have featured some of the funniest Norwegian-to-English idiom translations that will surely make you giggle and also help you understand how great the Norwegian language is! 

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1. Oh, bear! 

Norwegian Idioms, Bear

2. Not my favorite kind of cheese...

Norwegian Idioms, cheese

3. There are cardboard skulls everywhere around us!

Norwegian Idioms, cardboard

4. Be careful which owl you trust.

Norwegian Idioms, owl

5. So, we're all turning into couch pigs, then? 

Norwegian Idioms, couch potato

6. How many reading horses do you know? 

Norwegian Idioms, reading horse

7. Let's never turn into this pig...

Norwegian Idioms, pig

8. You've got to be careful around them.

Norwegian Idioms, kid

9. Got to keep that cardboard sharp.

Norwegian Idioms,

10. What do they say about too many cooks?

Norwegian Idioms, cooks

11. No one likes to go through this 'fright'.

Norwegian Idioms, sleeping

12. Really don't like coming across them while driving. 

Norwegian Idioms, driving
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