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16 Beautiful Brightly-Colored Animals and Plants

 Sometimes, those that differ from the crowd shine the brightest. This is exactly what the photos below prove, each depicting an animal or flower of unexpected colors. From a snow-white humpback whale to a toad of purple hues, nature has blessed these animals and plants with the brightest, most eye-catching colors. 

1. Shiny Black CockatooStriking Uniquely Colored Animals, black cockatoo

2. The Blue Java Banana Taste Like Vanilla Ice-CreamStriking Uniquely Colored Animals, blue banana

3. White mooseStriking Uniquely Colored Animals, white moose

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4. Shadow turtleStriking Uniquely Colored Animals, black turtle

5. Meet Narnia, A Rare Two-Faced CatStriking Uniquely Colored Animals, two faced cat

6. Half-albino peacockStriking Uniquely Colored Animals, half albino peacock

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7. An iridescent thresher sharkStriking Uniquely Colored Animals iridescent thresher shark

8. The only known albino humpback whale on the planetStriking Uniquely Colored Animals albino humpback whale

9. A golden beetleStriking Uniquely Colored Animals golden beetle


10. A black flamingo spotted in CyprusStriking Uniquely Colored Animals black flamingo

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11. Iridescent clouds in SiberiaStriking Uniquely Colored Animals Iridescent clouds

12. Atelopus Barbotini, a purple toadStriking Uniquely Colored Animals purple toad

13. A half-red half-white roseStriking Uniquely Colored Animals Half red half white rose

14. Shiny bearded dragonsStriking Uniquely Colored Animals bearded dragons

15. Pumpkin snakeStriking Uniquely Colored Animals pumpkin snake

16. A 1 in 2,000,000 blue lobsterStriking Uniquely Colored Animals blue lobster

Source of images: Acid Cow

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