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 Do you know how to jump-start a car? Most of us don’t but we can’t deny that it’s a useful life hack to know and might really come in handy in an emergency. And speaking of useful tips, imagine that your pet dog has accidentally choked on something and you can’t take it to the vet immediately. In that case, performing the Heimlich maneuver (a procedure for dislodging an obstruction from someone’s windpipe) can be a lifesaver. 
Here, we have shared some nifty guides with some great life hacks, tips and, tricks that might come in handy to all of us in different situations. From learning how to Google efficiently to tips on surviving a drowning attempt, these helpful guides should always be kept at hand. Take a look.

1. How to jump-start a car.

Cool Guides, How to jump a car
Image source: Izismile

2. You might save your dog's life with this.

Cool Guides, Heimlich Maneuver
Image source: Izismile

3. Learn how to sew on a button. 

Cool Guides, sew a button
Image source: Izismile

4. Improve your search on Google with these tips.

Cool Guides, search on Google. 
Image source: Izismile

5. Plan your naps properly. 

Cool Guides, naps
Image source: Izismile

6. A complete guide for a car's dashboard light.

Cool Guides, car's dashboard light.
Image source: Izismile

7. Might be useful to remember this in case of an unfortunate emergency. 

Cool Guides, door break down
Image source: Izismile

8. Some great tips and tricks to build a proper campfire. 

Cool Guides, tips and tricks to build a proper campfire. 
Image source: Izismile

9. An extremely helpful life-saving guide.

Cool Guides, drowning
Image source: Izismile

10. Tips for food safety and storage. 

Cool Guides, Tips for food safety
Image source: Izismile

11. In case you ever come across one in the wild or are bitten by one... 

Cool Guides, snake
Image source: Izismile

12. How to know when ice is safe.

Cool Guides, Ice Thickness Chart
Image source: Izismile

13. Tips on how to treat hypothermia. 

useful guides  treat hypothermia. 

Image source: Reddit 
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