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These Photos Prove That Sweden Is Such a Cool Country!

 There are so many interesting places to visit in this world of ours that if you asked us to compile a list of countries we’d like to visit in the nearest future, we’d be hard-pressed to make a list of just 10 or 15. What we do know is that Sweden would definitely be in the top five, as this country and its inhabitants just keep impressing us with endless tech innovations, thoughtfulness to fellow humans, and endless love and respect for nature.
There’s no better proof of all that’s been said here than these 14 fascinating photos!

1. In Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, there are buildings on top of other buildings

Sweden Photos buildings on top of other buildings
Image Source: Reddit

2. This is not a joke - it's a real road sign in Stockholm that warns drivers about encountering pedestrians deeply absorbed in their smartphones

Sweden Photos road sign
Image Source: Reddit

3. This national park refused to cut the trees that were in the way, so they decided to just build the walkway around them

Sweden Photos trees and walkway
Image Source: Reddit

4. This seemingly ordinary Swedish shopping cart has magnetic wheels so that it doesn't roll down on an escalator

5. Yes, Swedish people actually stand in line while waiting for public transportation 

Sweden Photos stand in line while waiting for public transportation
Image Source: Reddit

6. When every detail matters - this street is called Pyramid street and the letters were specifically stacked into a pyramid shape

Sweden Photos Pyramid street
Image Source: Reddit

7. These logs are called 'salmon stairs' and they make it easier for salmon to migrate upstream

Sweden Photos salmon stairs
Image Source: Reddit

8. The bathroom handles of this restroom at a Swedish train station light up green when they're vacant and red when they're occupied

Sweden Photos restroom at this Swedish train station
Image Source: Reddit

9. The recycling trash cans in this 500-year-old Swedish castle are painted to blend in with the stone foundation

Sweden Photos recycling trash cans
Image Source: Reddit

10. A pleasant surprise underneath an ordinary bridge in Stockholm

11. This Swedish furniture store has a big restroom for the grownups and a smaller one for kids

Sweden Photos restroom for kids
Image Source: Reddit

12. In Sweden, trees send text messages when they need to be watered thanks to an implanted moisture sensor

13. This plaque at the T-Centralen metro station in Stockholm commemorates not only the artist who created it but also her assistant and even the tiler

Sweden Photos plaque at the T-Centralen metro station in Stockholm
Image Source: Pikabu

14. This Swedish museum is in the middle of nowhere yet the benches nearby have free WiFi and wireless phone charging

Sweden Photos benches near museum
Image Source: Reddit
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