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These Blended Pics Open an Astonishing Window to the Past

 There’s something quite fascinating about looking at photographs of places from the past. Imagine finding a century-old black and white photograph of the place you currently live in and how bizarre it would feel looking at it. The buildings would be so different, the vehicles on the roads would be something we don’t recognize, and the people walking on the streets would appear to have leaped out of an old black and white movie
You will get to feel exactly that in these pictures we have shared below. A Facebook group that goes by the name of 'Know Where You Walkis dedicated to blending images of the past with the present day and the result is quite amazing. Their pictures give us a chance to look into the past and see how they look in their modern setting. From images of troops moving on the streets of France to a newsboy announcing the sinking of the 'Titanic', they are truly a unique snap back in time. Check them out.

1. Normandy, then and now. This merged image brings together a modern-day image of Colleville-Sur-Mer in France with a photograph taken in June 1944 in the exact location. Here, troops can be seen moving inland from Omaha beach during Operation Overlord as liberated French civilians cheer them on.  

Merged Images, Colleville-Sur-Mer in France
Image source: Know Where You Walk

2. A present-day image of London merged with a 1940 photograph showing citizens taking shelter from an air raid on the platform of the Elephant & Castle tube station during the blitz.

Merged Images, London
Image source: Know Where You Walk

3. Dumfries, Buccleuch Street, UK. This merged image shows that while the modes of transport may have changed in the city, the old buildings still remain the same. 

Merged Images, Dumfries, Buccleuch St, UK
Image source: Know Where You Walk

4. Govan, Glasgow, then and now. Here, you can see the Pearce Statue, which was built in 1894 and named after Sir William Pearce, combined with the junction of present-day Govan Rd and the junction of Burleigh St in 1904.

Merged Images, Govan, Glasgow
Image source: Know Where You Walk

5. Newcastle, Grey Street - 1895 and now. In this blended image, we can see Francesco Viviani, also known as Old Man Friday (a well-known figure in Newcastle at the time) on Grey Street in England. 

Merged Images, Newcastle, Grey Street
Image source: Know Where You Walk

6. A blended image of Ogleforth, York, shows a photograph from 1880 merged with a present-day photo in the same location.

Merged Images, Ogleforth, York
Image source: Know Where You Walk

7. Lowther Street, Whitehaven, UK. Then and now. 

Merged Images, Lowther Street
Image source: Know Where You Walk

8. Adelaide Terrace, Perth, Australia. 

Merged Images, Adelaide Terrace,
Image source: Know Where You Walk

9. Newcastle Railway Station, London.

Merged Images, Newcastle Station
Image source: Know Where You Walk

10. Carlisle Castle, England- 1890 and now.

Merged Images, Carlisle Castle
Image source: Know Where You Walk

11. In what went on to become one of the most powerful images of the 20th century, newsboy Ned Parfett is seen here announcing the sinking of the 'Titanic' outside the offices of the White Star Line, Oceanic House, London on April 16, 1912. This iconic moment has been combined with an image of the exact location over a century later. 

Merged Images, newsboy Ned Parfett
Image source: Know Where You Walk

12. The enclosed photo is of the Place de l'Opera, in Paris from 1900 that has been beautifully blended with its modern setting. 

paris, history

Image source: Know Where You Walk
Check out more such past and present pictures from Know Where You Walk on their Facebook page and their YouTube channel. 
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