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10 Surprising Facts That Sound Funny But They’re True!

 There are those facts that make us rethink how we understand the world, and there are also those that send shivers down the spine. In this article, we've combined the third kind of surprising and unbelievable facts - those that make you laugh out loud - so that you get your daily dose of positivity together with your daily dose of knowledge!

1. There is a special word for cider made of pears as opposed to apples, and it's called perry

funny facts cider

2. One woman purchased a "non-visible" piece of art in 2011, and it cost her $10,000!

funny facts art

3. Wood frogs can hold their urine for up to 8 months!

funny facts Wood frog

4. The famous musical 'West Side Story' was originally called 'East Side Story'

funny facts West Side Story

5. The most overdue library book was returned 288 years late, imagine the late fee they paid!

funny facts books

6. A butt is actually a Medieval unit of measurement for ale, wine, or whiskey. One butt approximately equated to 130 US gallons or 491 liters of alcohol, but it varied depending on the type of alcohol

funny facts wine

7. Humans are the only animal in the world to blush or feel embarrassment - how embarrassing!

funny facts blush

8. In Japan, Ronald McDonald is called Donald McDonald due to a lack of a clear "r" sound in Japanese pronunciation

funny facts mcdonald's

9. The official scientific name of the lowland gorilla is - Gorilla gorilla gorilla

funny facts gorilla

10. And lastly, in 2014, a pair of underwear donated by the mayor of Brussels was stolen from the Brussels Underpants Museum

funny facts Brussels
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