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These Quotation Marks Fails Will Make You Howl in Laughter

 Remember back in school how the English teacher would keep reminding us about the importance of using quotation marks correctly? It may have sounded annoying then, but they were quite right. As you will see in the pictures below, incorrect use of quotation marks can send the totally wrong message. And people do tend to make these mistakes often.
These ridiculously misused quotation marks will make you howl in laughter. Some of them clearly didn’t know how to use these marks in the correct sense and some of them just messed up by accident. But it has definitely led to hilarious results. Take a look.

1. Someone received this notepad on their first day at a new job. Can't blame them for feeling a little unnerved, can we?

Quotation Marks Fails,
Image source: Reddit

2. That's one suspicious church.

Quotation Marks Fails, church
Image source: Reddit

3. That seems to be a highly sarcastic politician. 

Quotation Marks Fails, politician
Image source: Reddit

4. Will we truly enjoy this holiday?

Quotation Marks Fails, holiday
Image source: Reddit

5. No need to worry. The best security has been provided. 

Quotation Marks Fails, security.
Image source: Imgur

6. We are not going anywhere near this "rock".

Quotation Marks Fails, rock
Image source: Reddit

7. Yes, we all "love" our jobs indeed. 

Quotation Marks Fails, job
Image source: Reddit

8. Do you, though?

misused quotation
Image source: Reddit

9. Umm... What?!

Quotation Marks Fails, doctor
Image source: Reddit

10. Mom! Do you love me or not? 

Quotation Marks Fails, mother
Image source: Reddit

11. Yes, a "normal" mechanic won't do. 

Quotation Marks Fails, mechanic
Image source: Reddit

12. How ominous!

Quotation Marks Fails, friends
Image source: Reddit

13. Can we, though? 

Quotation Marks Fails, fireworks
Image source: Reddit

14. Uh... No, thanks! I will pass. 

Quotation mark fails, meat

Image source: Reddit

15. I mean... Seriously!!! 

quotation mark fails, do not touch

Image source: Reddit

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