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The Creativity of These People is Simply Unbelievable!

 The world is filled with incredibly creative people. No, we aren’t talking about just renowned artists. Even the common men and women around us have some amazing hidden creative talents that you may not have noticed before. For instance, the pictures we have shared below feature some stunning artistic creations made by such people.
From a cake that looks like a knitted sweater to a Van Gogh painting that has been made entirely out of snack food, these individuals have special gifts and persevered hard to make majestic works of art that will blow your mind. Take a look.

1. A portrait made from just colored thread and nails.

Artistic Creations, portrait
Image source: Reddit

2. This cake has been made to look like a knitted sweater.

Artistic Creations, cake
Image source: Reddit

3. Imagine how soothing it would feel sleeping under this magical headboard! 

Artistic Creations, headboard
Image source: Reddit

4. This amazing floating table, made by a father-son duo, deserves much appreciation. 

Artistic Creations, floating tabls
Image source: Reddit

5. It's as if an entire galaxy resides in this little egg!

Artistic Creations, egg
Image source: Reddit

6. A pendant made out of silver milled into 8 different gauges of wire. It took 40 hours to create this wonder.

Artistic Creations, pendant
Image source: Reddit

7. A beautiful epoxy resin and colored pencil wall-clock that would brighten any room.

Artistic Creations, wall-clock
Image source: Reddit

8. Can you believe that this portrait of Van Gogh is made entirely out of snack food?!

Artistic Creations,  portrait of Van Gogh
Image source: Reddit

9. An origami eye made from a huge piece of paper after 60 hours of work!

Artistic Creations, origami
Image source: Reddit

10. This DIY table looks so ethereal!

Artistic Creations, DIY table
Image source: Imgur

11. A key with a piece of fall inside it!

Artistic Creations, key
Image source: Pikabu

12. Christmas ornaments decorated so exquisitely...

Artistic Creations, Christmas tree balls
Image source: Pikabu

13. This incredible piece of art was created with paper strips only using a technique called quilling.

Artistic Creations, art
Image source: Reddit

14. It's hard to believe that this isn't a real, adorable puppy! Yep, this is a crocheted dog...

Artistic Creations, crocheted dog
Image source: Reddit

15. This gorgeous art pie has a blueberry filling in a lemon-almond cookie crust. And, yes. It's 100% edible.

Artistic Creations, art pie
Image source: Reddit
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