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18 Times People Failed Doing Simple Tasks

 Replacing an old clock with a new one, or printing basic English words on children’s toys seems like a pretty straightforward task, doesn’t it? We thought so, too, but you’d be surprised at how terrible some people can be at accomplishing such seemingly simple assignments. To our joy and their misfortune, the fails of these 18 poor souls ended up on the internet, and we must say, it just doesn’t get funnier than these pictures!

1. How to fail at English in 4 simple steps

funny fails misspelled toy
Image Source: Acidcow

2. This picture illustrates why aesthetics matter

funny fails clock
Image Source: Theglasscat

3. A hand fertilizer doesn't sound like a good idea

4. Here you go, a handicap ramp no one will ever use

funny fails handicap ramp
Image Source: Reddit

5. The writing says - emergency telephone

funny fails emergency telephone
Image Source: Reddit

6. Someone totally Jackson Pollocked these stair railings!

7. This kind of subtle chaos is somehow even worse than butchering the entire thing

funny fails floor
Image Source: Acidcow

8. My question is, why did this person take the test anyway?

funny fails pregnancy test
Image Source: Acidcow

9. "And I kept wondering why my kettle wouldn't start boiling..."

funny fails oven
Image Source: Acidcow

10. This is why you should let professionals do the installing

funny fails faucet
Image Source: Acidcow

11. "Our refills are... free-ish"

funny fails refills
Image Source: Acidcow

12. They were so close to getting it right!

funny fails days of the week bracelets
Image Source: Acidcow

13. Apparently, drawing a straight line was too much trouble

funny fails a straight line
Image Source: Acidcow

14. "Just follow the signs, they said, and here I am stuck in the parking lot"

funny fails exit exit
Image Source: Acidcow

15. Close, but no

funny fails skateboarding
Image Source: Acidcow

16. This bus may be sending students the wrong message

funny fails bus
Image Source: Acidcow

17. Perfect for every occasion!

funny fails cake
Image Source: Acidcow

18. 2021 is over already?

funny fails 2021
Image Source: Acidcow
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