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4 Beautiful Tiny Homes - When Downsizing Is an Upgrade

 There is a common idea that downsizing to a tiny home is the same as living in an RV or a trailer, but that misconception is a thing of the past. As a matter of fact, many contemporary tiny homes are well-suited for family living, look better, and are significantly easier and cheaper to maintain than living in an ordinary house. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at the photos of these gorgeous tiny homes where people live happily ever after!

1. A Modern Day Yurt

Tiny Homes Yurt Outside
The Nomads of Central Asia traditionally live in yurts, which are round tents covered with animal skins or felt. These homes are perfect for the inhabitants of vast steppes, as they are portable and easy to assemble. In recent decades, several independent companies across the US, Canada, and Europe took interest in the concept of a yurt and upgraded it to include running water, central heating, and new materials that allow it to resist extreme climates.
These modern yurts retain the traditional round shape and rounded skylight in the center of the tent, but they are essentially a full mini home. The owners of the gorgeous yurt you can see in the pictures are Zach Both and Nicole Lopez, who have lived in it since 2018 to cut living costs in Portland, Oregon. The yurt took only one weekend to assemble, and it encompasses all the spaces you can find in an ordinary home.
The living room features a pull-out couch, and the office and a kitchen fully equipped with a fridge, an island-table, and a sink around the corner. The highlight of the yurt is definitely the raised bedroom. "When you're sleeping up there and looking through the skylight at night, there's nothing else quite like it," said the couple in an interview. We can only imagine how beautiful it is!

2. An Elegant Tiny Home

Tiny Homes Elegant Tiny Home outdoors
Image Source: Bela Fishbeyn
This 300-square-foot-home is located in the mountains of California, and the picturesque view is by far not its only strong point. The beautiful home belongs to the Fishbeyn family and it’s divided into 8 different spaces, making it a complete home despite the small size.
Tiny Homes Elegant Tiny Home bathroom
Image Source: Bela Fishbeyn
The home contains a raised kitchen, a living space, an office, 2 bedrooms, a kid's play space, and even a beautiful bathroom. By dividing the home into many small but separate areas, the family can really compartmentalize their living and work without interfering with each other’s tasks and daily life.
Tiny Homes Elegant Tiny Home office
Image Source: Bela Fishbeyn
Tiny Homes Elegant Tiny Home kitchen
Image Source: Bela Fishbeyn

3. The Tiny Canal Cottage

Tiny Homes The Tiny Canal Cottage outdoors
This 400-square-foot home is located in the Venice Canals neighborhood of California, and Whitney Leigh Morris, Adam Winkleman, their son, and their two dogs have been living here since 2011. The couple is very proud of their home and they’re striving to make their home not only cozier but also more sustainable.
The home consists of 3 areas - the bathroom, the master bedroom, and a living area that also includes the kitchen and the office. Despite its tiny size, the home seems quite spacious and the abundance of plants certainly makes it appear super inviting and homey, wouldn’t you agree?Tiny Homes bedroom
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4. The Home Made of Shipping Containers

Tiny Homes Shipping Containers outdoors
This last tiny living space is the home of Cathi and Trevor Marshall, who built one out of shipping containers. This 450-square-foot home is located on a large plot of land surrounded by nature in British Columbia in Canada.
The home consists of a living area that doubles as a kitchen, as well as 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. According to the owners, the floor-to-ceiling windows are the best feature of their home. As Cathi mentioned in an interview, "The entire south-facing side of the house is all glass, so the landscape is the artwork."
As you can see, this beautiful home is fully equipped will everything you need in a home, including a dishwasher, a fridge, and a stovetop, and the large windows allow the home to appear quite spacious!
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