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When Funny Signs Meet Epic Fails, Hilarity Ensues!

 We get it that not everyone is blessed with the job they love, and for some, work is just a way to get their living wage. But when your task is as simple as hanging a sign or printing out name tags, how hard could it be to do it well? Apparently, it’s more difficult than it seems, as is obvious from these hilarious signs, maps, and other printed media that serve as evidence of some of the biggest fails we’ve ever seen! The silver lining to all of these epic work fails is that they are absolutely hilarious. Take a look...

1. This sign is not the greatest motivation to abide by the law, is it?

work fails illegally parked cars will be fine
Image Source: reddit

2. What was are we supposed to print? Bird? Bread? - Just put down 'brid'

work fails brid
Image Source: brid

3. Noted...

work fails patio is closed
Image Source: reddit

4. Didn't you mean ambidextrous, by any chance?

work fails amphibious pitcher
Image Source: reddit

5. Parking fees above all

6. Couldn't have done it better myself

work fails engraving
Image Source: reddit

7. Great job naming those streets!

work fails this street that street map
Image Source: reddit

8. Well, it's technically not a lie

work fails smoke detector
Image Source: reddit

9. It seems like the Welsh flag was a bit too complicated to draw

work fails Welsh flag fail
Image Source: twitter

10. I'm no mathematician, but I'm pretty sure this is not how percentages work

11. This guy's clearly a professional!

work fails ups man
Image Source: reddit

12. It's a miracle!

work fails signed copy bible
Image Source: reddit

13. "Recently invited to speak at a conference and was asked which of my two affiliations I preferred to go on my name tag. Probably University of Central Lancashire, I replied. So that's what they put."

work fails probably name tag
Image Source: twitter

14. There, fixed it!

work fails elevator floor numbers
Image Source: reddit

15. This might be sending a double message...

work fails This might be sending a double message...
Image Source: reddit
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