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7 Surprising Items That Should Be Kept in the Fridge

 Food storage is quite a tricky but important subject, as in the long run, storing your groceries right will save you lots of money, and it decreases food waste, too. In a previous article, we’ve pointed out that some foods should be kept out of the fridge to keep them fresh for longer, for example. But there’s also the other side of the coin - some surprising items are better off in the fridge than on a cupboard shelf. Here are 7 such items, both food-related and not.

1. Dried fruit and nuts

Items That Should Be Kept in the Fridge Dried fruit and nuts
Most of us just toss dried fruit and nuts in the pantry, but the truth is that dried fruit and nuts can stay fresh and tasty for longer if you keep them in the fridge. Storing nuts in a cooler climate will prevent them from becoming rancid for up to a year, or up to 2 years if you’re storing them sealed in the freezer. When it comes to dried fruit, it’s much better to keep them in the fridge because that way they will maintain their texture in a cool climate for up to six months.

2. Flower bouquets

Items That Should Be Kept in the Fridge Flower bouquet
Who said your fridge is only reserved for groceries? If you’d like to keep your flower bouquets for a longer time and prevent flower buds from wilting, store them in the cold overnight. Just make sure that the flowers don’t touch the fridge shelves or the door because this may actually have the opposite effect.

3. Avocados

Items That Should Be Kept in the Fridge Avocado
Storing avocados and getting them to stay just ripe enough may seem like an impossible quest, but it really isn’t. For example, the majority of people only put avocados in the fridge when they are cut in half, which is definitely the right thing to do, and we even showed you the best method to do so in a previous article all about avocados.
However, whole avocados can be easily stored in the fridge as well. If you have a ripe whole avocado and want to keep it fresh for up to 2 weeks, simply place it in the fridge. However, if you have an unripe avocado, it’s best to leave it on the counter for a few days and wait for it to ripen before you place it in the fridge, as cold temperatures really slow down the ripening process.

4. Ketchup and mustard

Items That Should Be Kept in the Fridge Ketchup
There are two types of people - those who store their condiments in the pantry, and those who keep them in the fridge. Both of these are right, but not entirely. While certain condiments, such as hot sauce and vinegar, for example, can be safely kept in the pantry, doing the same with ketchup and mustard is not advisable.
The problem isn’t even in them getting spoiled, as the highly acidic environment and preservatives present in condiments will prevent the spread of bacteria. The main issue is that warmer temperatures will make condiments like ketchup and mustard lose their flavor much faster, which is the last thing you want.

5. Tortillas

Items That Should Be Kept in the Fridge Tortillas
A designated bread box is the best way to keep bread and the majority of other baked goods fresh, the same doesn’t apply to tortillas and other soft flat-breads. The best way to extend their shelf life for days is to simply pop them into the fridge after you’ve opened and unsealed a bag. If eating cold tortillas doesn’t sound so appetizing, though, remember that you can easily reheat your tortillas on the stove or by microwaving them on the medium setting for a minute or so.
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6. Nail polish

Items That Should Be Kept in the Fridge Nail polish
This one might surprise you, but it turns out that there is a significant number of beauty products, such as eye creams and face masks that are better off in the fridge. One of the most surprising beauty items you should start storing in the refrigerator is nail polish.
The reason why is related to sun and light exposure. Sunlight and heat alter the texture of nail polish over time, making it thick and gloopy and in some cases, exposure to light and heat can even make it turn into strange colors. Storing nail polish in the fridge, in turn, will help preserve the original color and texture of the product. 

7. Red wine

Items That Should Be Kept in the Fridge Red wine
Normally, we are instructed by wine experts to chill white and sparkling wine before serving, but when it comes to red wine, putting it in the fridge is considered a big no-no. However, these storage tips and serving temperature instructions only apply to a full bottle of wine.
When it comes to leftover red wine, storing it at room temperature, especially in the summer, will make it oxidize, and eventually, it will taste like vinegar. So, to preserve the beautifully balanced taste of a good Merlot or Cabernet, for the majority of us who don't have a wine cellar, it's best to re-cork it and place the bottle in the fridge. If you prefer your red wine at room temperature, simply take it out of the fridge 15-20 minutes before serving, of course.
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