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Celebrate Christmas Year-Round at These 6 Magical Places

 Christmas celebrations are likely to be a little muted this year owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. That has certainly put a damper on the overall feel of the holidays, hasn’t it? And while a lot of us will be celebrating a quiet Christmas at home this year, we are sure to be missing the festive feeling once it’s over. Post-Christmas blues can be quite depressing and tough to deal with. This year, it might hit extra hard.
However, what if we told you there’s a way you can celebrate Christmas all year round? Yes. There are places in different parts of the world that, in their own unique ways, ensure that the Christmas spirit never fades. Thus, if your Christmas isn’t Christmasy enough this time, you can plan a trip to some of these places in the near future and relive the holiday magic any time you want.

1. Santa’s Village, Canada

Christmas places, Santa’s Village
Image Source: Santa’s Village
At Santa’s Village in Canada, you can indulge yourself in a variety of Christmas-specific activities all year round. From enjoying rides and games to taking part in magic shows and relishing yummy holiday food, this festive theme park is open 365 days of the year and ensures that the magic of the festival never withers away. 
Established in 1955 as a tourist destination, Santa’s Village also offers visitors the chance to camp during the summer or spend some quiet time at a lovely cottage where you can experience the joy of Christmas away from home. The entire “village” is set in a charming natural woodland and watercourse environment, making for the most enchanting setting to unwind and become immersed in the Christmas feel. 

2. Santa Claus' Main Post Office, Finland

Christmas places, Post Office
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Santa Claus’ Main Post Office in Finland is considered to be the world’s only official Santa Claus Post Office. Located at the Arctic Circle, 8 km (about 5 miles) north of Rovaniemi, the place belongs to Finland’s official postal service network and has been managing Santa Claus’ mail since 1985. All letters, cards, and parcels sent from Santa Claus’ Main Post Office are stamped with a genuine Arctic Circle postmark, giving you an authentic feel. Thus far, the post office has handled about 20 million letters from children from nearly 200 countries. You can even order yours in the post office and it will be sent for Christmas!
This cozy place is always decorated for Christmas and has a horde of little "elves" running around, doing their job dutifully. You can also treat yourself to a range of festival souvenirs here or simply savor its homey Christmas atmosphere.

3. German Christmas Museum, Germany

Christmas places, Christmas Museum in Germany
The German Christmas Museum or Deutsches Weihnachtsmuseum is known as the only dedicated Christmas museum in the world. Located in the small Bavarian village of Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany, this special museum was primarily set up to display the historical Christmas decorations from the different areas of German culture through the mid-20th century. Over time, it has now become a fascinating place that gives visitors an insight into the world of Christmas as it used to be.
Established in 2000, the German Christmas Museum, which is open all year round, is wonderfully decorated and extremely cozy. Here, you will also get to learn about the history and significance of many celebrated Christmas customs and traditions such as St. Nicholas Day and Advent calendars and wreaths, among a host of others. You can also admire Christmas decorations from the Erzgebirge, Christmas tree stands, feather and paper Christmas trees, Christmas tree lights from candles with candle holders, and much more.

4. Santa Claus, Indiana, USA

Christmas places, Santa Claus, town
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
The town of Santa Claus in Indiana is labeled “America’s Christmas Hometown” and for good reason. This charming little place celebrates the joys of Christmas each day of the year. 
There’s a lot to do in Santa Claus. You can relax at Santa’s Lodge, visit the Santa Claus Museum & Village, spend some time drooling over various delicacies at Santa's Candy Castle or go shopping at the Santa Claus Christmas Store. Dining at St. Nick's Restaurant will be quite an experience as well where you can treat yourself to savories like Santa’s Filet (beef filet medallions glazed with bourbon sauce). There’s also a holiday-themed amusement and waterpark, which is ideal for families with kids. 
Thus, if you feel your Christmas lacked punch this year don't fret, as Santa Claus will literally be waiting for you to make things better.

5. Santa Claus House - North Pole, Alaska, USA

Christmas places, Santa Claus House - North Pole
Image Source: Santa Claus House
Santa Claus House in the North Pole, Alaska, was established in 1952 by Con Miller and Nellie Miller and is renowned for its 'Original Letter from Santa' program. They have been sending personalized letters to children, stamped with a "Santa’s Official Mail" seal, for over 60 years now. In fact, it even served as North Pole’s post office once upon a time. 
The house is decorated to look like St. Nick’s home and also has a giant 42-foot tall (12 meters), three-dimensional Santa Claus statue - the world’s largest Santa figure - placed outside to welcome people inside. This is truly a place where the spirit of Christmas lives year-round.

6. Castle Noel, USA

Christmas places, Castle Noel
Image Source: Castle Noel
Known as America's largest year-round indoor Christmas entertainment attraction, Castle Noel is a fun place featuring an expansive collection of Christmas-themed stuff. From famous Christmas movie memorabilia to cheerful games and events, there are so many amazing things to do here. One of the highlights of the place is a Toyland experience where you can get to ogle at thousands of toys from the ’50s through the ’80s and go on a nostalgia trip. There’s also a tall animated Christmas tree here, along with a chimney for you to squeeze yourself in and feel like Santa, and a tiny house where it snows inside to give you the proper Christmas feel any time of the year. 
After visiting Castle Noel you are bound to be smiling ear to ear and feel like that happy kid who adores Christmas and can't get enough of seeing all those beautiful shiny things.
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