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Funny 'Laws' That Are Actually Quite Accurate

 There are many laws in this world, written for many reasons: To protect humans from each other, to forbid crime, to take care of the needy, or encourage industry. And then there are laws like THESE, written based on hard experience and a good sense of humor to entertain us. Have a look at 14 of our favorite funny laws!
funny laws, cook's law
funny laws, computers
funny laws, weiler's law
funny laws, Welsley's observation
funny laws, wolcox's law
funny laws, trischman's observation
funny laws, Crane's rule
funny laws, courtois's rule
funny laws, law of reruns
funny laws, infernal dynamics
funny laws, Twain's rule
funny laws, umbrella law
funny laws, office murphy's law
funny laws, baker's byroad
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