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These Stories Prove Why Having Pets is the Greatest Gift

 Having a pet in the house can be a real blessing at times, don't you think? To have the company of your cat or dog or some other cute animal is such a reassuring feeling. They make us feel safe and happy and sometimes go out of their way to display their affection. In these pictures, we have presented some heartwarming pet stories that will melt your heart. These are stories of pure love between animals and their people that will make everyone wish they had a pet, too. 

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1. When he was adopted, this dog was overweight and in bad shape. He would hardly move around and was generally quite inactive. The owners worked hard on him for months and now the results have shown. Today, the dog is fit and loves playing fetch!

Pet Stories, adopted dogImage source: Izismile

2. This stray cat had a habit of meeting and hugging the person who took this photo every single day. A stray cat showing such unconditional love to a stranger is rare. The man was so overwhelmed that he decided to adopt that cat and take care of him.

Pet Stories, stray catImage source: Izismile

3. This is Arlo, an eight-month-old dog. He simply cannot go to sleep without his stuffed elephant by his side. Isn't that adorable? 

Pet Stories, stuffed toy
Image source: Izismile

4. The dog isn't allowed to put his paws on the screen door. So, this is what he does. This makes him look as if he is a kangaroo. 

Pet Stories, dog paws
Image source: Izismile

5. One morning, the owner of this dog woke up to find that the animal was freaking out. He was furiously licking her face and jumping around at 5 in the morning. She soon realized that the fire alarm was going off and there was smoke in the hallway of her apartment complex. The dog managed to save her just in time!

Pet Stories, savior
Image source: Izismile

6. This is Floyd, a dog who was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, meaning that he can’t walk too well. One day, his owner realized that the dog fits in his hiking pack and decided to take him on his first-ever hiking trip. Floyd really enjoyed the experience. 

Pet Stories, dog with disability
Image source: Izismile

7. That rare moment when the cat and dog hang out peacefully, merrily watching blu jays together. 

Pet Stories, corgi and cat
Image source: Izismile

8. This cat had the flu and was sneezing incessantly all over the house. The owner would occasionally put his hands in front of her nose and clean it with a damp tissue. One morning, the owner deliberately sneezed in front of the cat. Taken aback, she put her little paws on the owner's face, imitating what he would do whenever the cat sneezed. 

Pet Stories, cat sneezing
Image source: Reddit

9. Bruno loves sitting next to his owner whenever he plays the guitar. Sometimes, when the notes aren't coming to him properly, the owner stops to think. Bruno then gently takes his hand with his mouth and rubs it on the guitar so that the music comes back to him. After a few attempts, this usually works and gets the owner back on track to play more smoothly.

Pet Stories, dog, guitar
Image source: Reddit

10. When Mabel the tortoise was bought into the family, this man didn't approve of her and thought the animal was gross. Just a few months later, he fell in love with the cute tortoise and couldn't get enough of her. Today, he makes Mabel sleep on the bed with him so that she doesn't catch a cold!

pet stories, turtle

Image source: Acid Cow
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