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The Intelligent Personalized Robotic Chef We All Need

 Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone could magically prepare our meals for us every day? No, we don’t mean a genie. Instead, an intelligent, personalized robotic chef might be the first step towards making that dream come true.
A British firm named Moley Robotics has recently announced that they have produced the world’s first robotic kitchen featuring a "dexterous robot integrated into a luxury kitchen, that prepares freshly-cooked meals at the touch of a button." The kitchen robot also has two arms that imitate the movements of human hands while preparing meals.
Robotic Kitchen, cooking
Image source: YouTube
"This means the robot kitchen can retrieve ingredients from the smart fridge, adjust hob temperature, use the sink to fill pans and pour, mix and plate up just as a human cook would. The robot even cleans up after itself — without complaint!" states a press release for the new product.
This kitchen robot is the brainchild of Russian mathematician and computer scientist Mark Oleynik. Tim Anderson, a culinary pioneer, and winner of the 2011 series of BBC Master Chef, has helped develop the innovation. His cooking techniques were captured in 3D and “translated into elegant digital movement using bespoke algorithms”.

A robot kitchen that even cleans up after itself!

A robotic chef that can make sumptuous dishes may sound like something from a science-fiction movie but Moley Robotics has shown that this can indeed become a reality.

Not only does the robot cook complete meals, but it also informs you when ingredients need to be replaced and suggests dishes based on the items you have in stock. That’s not all - it even cleans up the kitchen after itself. 

Robotic Kitchen, chef
Image source: YouTube
The robot kitchen has come to life thanks to the sustained efforts of 100 engineers, product and luxury interior designers, and three award-winning chefs. To perform its tasks, the kitchen uses a combination of sensors and optical cameras. It even features an optical system that can spot dropped food and clean it up, ensuring that your kitchen always remains unsullied. 
As of now, the robot chef can whip up 30 dishes developed by world-leading chefs. Moley Robotics has also planned on adding a digital menu in the robot with over 5000 choices.
So, how much will it cost to have this futuristic robot kitchen in your home? As of now, the Moley Robot Kitchen has been priced at around $330,200. Now, that’s a pretty steep price and is almost the same as buying a yacht or a supercar. But the firm claims that there have already been over 1,000 “qualified sales inquiries” from people interested in buying one. Moreover, they also stress that they will be introducing lower-priced models in the future.
robot chef
Image source: YouTube
“Like all breakthrough technologies – cars, televisions, and computers – it will appeal to enthusiasts, professionals, and early adopters, and is priced accordingly,” says Oleynik who is confident in his product which he has promised will serve restaurant standard meals at the command of the owner.

So, will kitchen robots be the nucleus of the kitchen of the future?

This is certainly an exciting development. A robot chef that can prepare our favorite meals will undoubtedly make life so much easier. The firm has also said that the kitchen has an in-built recipe-creator software tool that lets users program their own favorite recipes in it. The robot has been designed to literally behave like a human cook – it would collect items from the kitchen, adjust the temperature of the microwave oven, and use the sink to fill pans and clean dishes, apart from preparing meals.

It remains to be seen how people respond to the Moley Robot Kitchen. If it proves to be a success, then we could see more such innovations popping up in the coming years and robot kitchens could be the nucleus of the kitchen of the future.

Learn more about this innovative kitchen's features in this video below:


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