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Surreal Pics From Norilsk - The World's Northernmost City

 You might have never heard of Norilsk in Russia but it is an incredibly unique place. This isolated Siberian city has an annual average temperature of -10°C (14°F) and has more than 130 days of harsh snowstorms every year. Life for the residents here can be pretty harsh as cold periods can extend to about 280 days per year!

Situated 250 miles (402 km) north of the Arctic Circle, Norilsk is now widely regarded as one of the world’s coldest cities. Temperatures here can reach -55°C (-67°F) on some days, making life extremely difficult for the townsfolk. Incredibly, the city also experiences two whole months of polar night, when it is enveloped in near-total darkness. 

Despite the harsh living conditions, however, Norilsk has a population of about 170,000, making it one of the biggest cities beyond the Arctic Circle. Also, the city has the largest deposits of nickel, copper, and palladium on earth, and its mines are flourishing. 

Now, let’s take a look at a few surreal pictures from Norilsk that shows us how unusual life can be in the world’s northernmost city.

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Norilsk, Russia, tree
Image source: Twitter


Norilsk, Russia, snow
Image source: Instagram 


Norilsk, Russia, rain,
Image source: Instagram


Norilsk, Russia, cold weather
Image source: Acid Cow


Norilsk, Russia, house, snowed in
Image source: Instagram


Norilsk, Russia, car
Image source: Reddit


Norilsk, Russia, covered in snow, vehicle
Image source: Instagram


Norilsk, Russia, harsh weather
Image source: Instagram


Norilsk, Russia, walking in snow
Image source: Twitter


Norilsk, Russia, snow plowing
Image source: Instagram


Norilsk, Russia, windows
Image source: Instagram


Norilsk, Russia, snow rain
Image source: Instagram


Norilsk, Russia,
Image source: Twitter


Norilsk, Russia, cityscape
Image source: Instagram


Norilsk, Russia, raining, morning
Image source: Twitter
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