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Love Can Be Expressed in So Many Beautiful Ways

 Even though it might feel as if there’s so much negativity around us, our world can surprise us from time to time. If you look around closely, you are likely to come across some beautiful stories of people doing good deeds. For instance, the pictures below depict people who proved that a little bit of love and care can indeed make a positive impact. Looking at these pictures reaffirms the fact that love can be expressed in so many different and beautiful ways.  

1. Just one year of care and devotion resulted in such a great yield.

Love and Care, yield
Image source: Izismile

2. A guy decided to make prosthetic hands for his friend so that he could do all the normal things... Like eating a burger.

Love and Care, prosthetic hands
Image source: Izismile

3. This cat was found on the streets by a family in New York. One year later, he has now truly found a home. 

Love and Care, rescue cat
Image source: Izismile

4. This guy decided to fix his uncle's 30-year-old dilapidated boat. Now it looks as good as new.

Love and Care, dilapidated boat
Image source: Izismile

5. When someone couldn't let go of their childhood bike and transformed it into something new and better. 

Love and Care, childhood bike
Image source: Izismile

6. For a Christmas present, a son restored his dad's 50-year-old hammer. 

Love and Care, old hammer
Image source: Izismile

7. These parents made a kitchen playset from an old entertainment center making it the perfect birthday gift for their two-year-old.

Love and Care, kitchen playset
Image source: Izismile

8. This bearded dragon was brought as a joke into someone's house party. However, the homeowner loved the lizard so much that he took her in. Now, the little reptile enjoys her new home and has been named Frida!

Love and Care, bearded dragon
Image source: Izismile

9. After her dad passed away, a daughter made a pillow from one of his button-up shirts in his loving memory.

Love and Care, pillow
Image source: Izismile

10. This plant was found by someone dumped in the trash. Five days of love and care later, it's thriving again...

Love and Care, plant
Image source: Izismile

11. A couple loved decorating their home with candles. When the wife passed away, the husband made a beautiful new candle from the old, retired ones in their home.

Love and Care, candle
Image source: Izismile

12. A father transformed his son's wheelchair to make it look like his little one's favorite Hollywood movie character. 

Love and Care, wheelchair
Image source: Izismile

13. A man's dog absolutely loved getting new bandanas. After the animal passed away, the owner made a loving quilt out of all the bandanas the dog had used...

good deeds, dog

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