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17 Award-Winning Pet Photos That Will Make You Giggle

 According to our estimations, about 90% of the internet consists of cute and funny pet photos, which makes perfect sense, as very few things spark joy and laughter like animals reacting to magic tricks, sleeping in odd positions, jumping on trampolines, and wearing adorable costumes. And while the photos mentioned on this list don’t really feature any of these activities, they do have one major advantage: these photos have been carefully selected from thousands of less funny pet photos and earned the badge of approval and prize from the 2020 Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards.
Not only are these photos guaranteed to make you smile and chuckle, but the competition itself also supports a good cause, as it’s raising funds and awareness for homeless pets. Learn more about the awards on their website - ComedyPetPhoto.com. We hope you will enjoy scrolling through these hilarious pictures!

1. Overall Winner: 'Guard Dog On Duty' by Elke Vogelsang

2020 Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards

2. Highly Commended Winner: 'Over Dramatic Cat' by Iain Mcconnell

3. 'The Guilty Kitten' by Iain Mcconnell

4. Highly Commended Winner: 'That Moment You Realise You've Gone Through Half A Jar Of Snacks' by Candice Sedighan

5. Mighty Horse Category Winner: 'Gossip Girls' by Magdalena Strakova

6. 'Isolated Dog' by Ilana Rose

7. Highly Commended Winner: 'The Dancing Cat' by Iain Mcconnell

8. 'Covert Cows' by Heather Ross

9. 'Buddy's New Teeth!' by Lianne Richards

10. 'Do Not Disturb' by Tilman Wagner

11. 'Saint Pauls Cap' by Alex Class

12. Highly Commended Winner: 'Hold On Tight! We're Running Late' by Karen Hoglund

13. Highly Commended Winner: 'Squirrelll!!!' by Elke Vogelsang

14. 'There Goes Dinner' by Beth Noble

15. All Other Creatures, Great Or Small Category Winner: 'Drama Queen' by Anne Lindner

16. Cat Category Winner: 'Why Are You Upside Down Mum?' by Malgorzata (Gosia) Russell

17. Highly Commended Winner: 'Look Mom - I Can Walk On Water' by John Carelli

2020 Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards Highly Commended Winner: 'Look Mom - I Can Walk On Water' By John Carelli
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