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These Unnecessary Innovations Are Hilariously Useless

 Our world is surrounded by some incredible innovations and inventions that have made our life easier and better. Almost every second day, we are introduced to some fancy and unique design or innovation idea that promises to improve our future. However, if you look around closely, you will also come across several pointless creations that would really make you scratch your head in confusion. Here, we have presented some of the most unnecessary innovations that the world could have done without. 

1. Right. Because plain water is filled with calories, you see. 

Pointless Inventions, water
Image source: AcidCow

2. What's the point of this peephole? To look at ants on the door?

Pointless Inventions, peephole
Image source: AcidCow

3. How was this even approved? 

Pointless Inventions, stairs
Image source: AcidCow

4. Imagine sitting on that chair in the front...

Pointless Inventions, chair
Image source: AcidCow

5. Well, okay. That was some really useful information. 

Pointless Inventions, sign
Image source: AcidCow

6. How does this thing even work?

Pointless Inventions,
Image source: AcidCow

7. This escalator has some purpose surely. We just don't know what. 

Pointless Inventions, escalator
Image source: AcidCow

8. Well, that is one weird watermelon.

Pointless Inventions, watermelon.
Image source: AcidCow

9. Have you ever seen a wiper blade on the back of this type of vehicle? What is its use? 

Pointless Inventions,  wiper blade
Image source: AcidCow

10. In case of fire... Don't bother with this hydrant. 

Pointless Inventions, hydrant
Image source: AcidCow

11. If you ever want to be stranded on a balcony instead of an island, you know where to go...

Pointless Inventions, balcony
Image source: AcidCow

12. I wonder what the idea behind installing this gate was. Who is it stopping exactly? And how? 

Pointless Inventions, door
Image source: AcidCow

13. You know it's not your day when the only bench in the park turns out to be like this.

Pointless Inventions, bench
Image source: AcidCow

14. Yes, thank you. I had no idea! 

Pointless Inventions, peanuts
Image source: AcidCow

15. And the award for the most useless drawer goes to...

Pointless Inventions, drawer
Image source: AcidCow
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