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We Bet You Had Never Seen These Unusual Facets of Finland

 Europe is filled with some of the most beautiful and charming locations in the world. One of the underrated destinations from this region that deserves more recognition is Finland. This gorgeous Nordic country is known as the land of a thousand lakes and the land of the midnight sun. The Northern European nation is deeply in touch with nature and life there is generally safe, happy, and free.

However, there’s so much more that we still don’t know about Finland. In the pictures below, you will get to see the country’s unique and inimitable way of life. They show us why Finland can be so unusual and fascinating at the same time. Take a look.

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1. Have you ever seen a bag made out of coffee packets?

Finland, coffee packets
Image source: Izismile

2. Weather in Finland can change drastically in a matter of just 5 hours! 

Finland, Weather
Image source: Izismile

3. This sign was spotted outside a local supermarket in Finland. The words are loosely translated as “Don’t leave your dog in a hot car".

Finland, supermarket, sign
Image source: Izismile

4. Some people here enjoy playing football in a swamp! 

Finland, football
Image source: Izismile

5. A spectacular view of northern lights in Ylläs, Finland.

Finland, northern lights
Image source: Izismile

6. When parking spots become too hard to find in Helsinki (capital of Finland), people don't mind taking out their horses on the road

Finland, horses
Image source: Izismile

7. A reindeer herd moves around nonchalantly in the snow in Lapland, Finland’s northernmost region

Finland, Reindeer
Image source: Izismile

8. Some Finnish park benches are made in a way that you can enjoy your solitude

Finland, park benches
Image source: Izismile

9. Ski jumpers here even practice during the summer!

Finland, summer ski slopes
Image source: Izismile

10. The hanging bridges in the Oulanka National Park in Finland are quite amazing

Finland, hanging bridges
Image source: Izismile

11. Some mornings in Finland, you will be greeted by a few gentle cows...

Finland, cows
Image source: Izismile

12. The Finnish spring is so incredibly beautiful and charming! 

Finland, spring
Image source: Izismile

13. Karjalanpiirakka is a traditional pastry or pie from Finland that has a thin, crispy crust, usually with a filling of rice porridge. Karjalanpiirakka is relished all over Finland at all times and is served as a treat on special occasions.

Finland, pasty
Image source: Izismile

14. The Oodi library in Helsinki is a breathtaking structure! 

Finland, oodi library
Image source: Izismile

15. A view of a wintry night in Finland. Looks so beautiful yet spooky, right? 

Finland, winter night
Image source: Izismile
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