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22 Funny Photos of People Being Too Creative With Food!

 No one doubts the fact that food can be an art form. In fact, we've featured many talented confectioners who can make cakes that look like tropical islands, flower arrangements, and even dedicated mothers who make the cutest meals to encourage their kids to eat more fruit and veggies. However, that doesn't mean that we should all start dabbling with food whenever we're bored, as some are just not meant to become culinary geniuses. These hilariously creative food fails, for one, prove the point, but at least they can give us all a good laugh! We just wish they listened to their parents when they said "don't play with food"!

1. That awkward moment when you start daydreaming mid-dinner and catch yourself knitting a noodle scarf

food fails a noodle scarf

2. Carving the turkey

3. Okay, we must admit this Cheeto ball is kind of cool!

4. Someone is practically guaranteed to slip on a banana peel

5. When you're out of face masks, you can always cook up a few more!

6. Help! Someone is trying to steal the orange I just peeled!

7. I see right through your lousy cover, alien spies!

8. The chef called this "masterpiece" the corona meatball...

9. What rabbit dreams are made of

10. The crayfish procession

11. Don't try this at home, kids!

12. How to save that last chip for later

13. They're watching you

14. Close, but no

15. "Our new model of crocs goes especially well with a glass of Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon"

16. This is what happens when you're too lazy to do the dishes

17. Here's another Cheeto masterpiece, Christmas edition

18. A bacon kimono

19. We need to call the Ghostbusters!

20. Nope, even this doesn't make me start liking lettuce, and judging from its appearance, neither do the guests of this party

21. How is a pair of shoes supposed to simulate anyone's appetite?

22. That's right, why eat the candy if you can stick it on your head?

food fails candy stuck to a man's head
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