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These Wholesome Pictures Tell Some Beautiful Stories

 The world appears crazier than usual these days, doesn’t it? The more we read the news, and what’s happening everywhere, the more we feel like getting away from all the madness. While it may feel like there’s nothing good happening around us anymore, you would be surprised at how a few little things can restore your faith in the world.
Each of the pictures we have shared below tells a wholesome and beautiful story. These are heartwarming stories of everyday people that are sure to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day. Take a look.

1. A couple had been trying unsuccessfully for many months to get pregnant. Finally, they decided to get a puppy and they couldn't have been happier. 

Heartwarming Photos, puppy
Image source: Augray_Sorn / Reddit

2. This woman knitted a blanket for a baby elephant in South Africa. So adorable! 

Heartwarming Photos, baby elephant
Image Source: marcusjsmall / Reddit

3. A woman got pregnant with double twins and can't hide her happiness. This is so unique and beautiful! 

Heartwarming Photos,  double twins
Image Source: puce_3000/ reddit

4. This baby boy’s reaction when he met his great grandparents for the first time is simply priceless.

Heartwarming Photos, baby boy, grandparents
Image Source: abeautofaview / reddit

5. For his 100th birthday, this jovial man wished for a belly dancer. His co-workers granted his wish!

Heartwarming Photos,
Image Source: unknown / imgur

6. This guy (in the sports gear) has Down syndrome but that didn't stop him from following his dream of becoming a wrestler. Here, he is seen embracing his best friend after winning his first wrestling match.

Heartwarming Photos,  Down syndrome

7. Just a month after being adopted, this dog and his owner have become the best of friends. 

Heartwarming Photos, adopted dog
Image Source: Xaq009 / Reddit

8. This cat was rescued off the street. Look at the difference in her features and expression after just one year of living with the adopted family. 

Heartwarming Photos, cat rescue
Image Source: alinaesther / Reddit

9. This woman puts her puppy in her apron pocket while cooking. You can't tell who enjoys it more...

Heartwarming Photos, puppy

10. This kitten looks like a proud big sister of the baby. 

Heartwarming Photos, cat and baby
Image Source: TheDikInYoEar / Reddit

11. A mother found her daughter's book by accident in her local library. Look at how proud she is! 

Heartwarming Photos, mom, book
Image Source: dljennings / Reddit

12. This little puppy is just three months old and is scared of thunderstorms. All the adorable guy needed was a tight hug! 

Heartwarming Photos, puppy
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