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These Perfectly-Timed Photos Will Really Make You Chuckle!

 Moments that are important to us and will become memorable in the future are worth capturing, aren’t they? Today, when taking photos has become so convenient, we have the opportunity to seize precious moments forever. However, in our endeavor to do so, sometimes, we end up getting something ridiculously funny instead.

These pictures below are perfectly-timed, albeit by accident, and show us how amazingly hilarious the world around us can be. Take a look. 

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1. The one that JUST got away! 

 Perfectly-Timed Photos, fish
Image Source: amfree88 / Reddit

2. Right before the chair broke!

 Perfectly-Timed Photos, chair

3. Guess the chicken wasn't so interested in having its picture taken. 

 Perfectly-Timed Photos, chicken

4. When you really wanted to capture a cool pose but your scarf got in the way. 

 Perfectly-Timed Photos, scarf
Image Source: hi7en / Reddit

5. Is she the Bird Master?

 Perfectly-Timed Photos, pigeon

6. "I'll have that. Thank you!"

 Perfectly-Timed Photos, monkey
Image Source: Legion_Fate / Reddit

7.  The moment just before the cake fell.

 Perfectly-Timed Photos, cake
Image Source: MsShannonSF / Reddit

8. "Oh, look... A penny!"

 Perfectly-Timed Photos, cycyle
Image Source: abbbbbbbywhee / Reddit

9. When your friend really isn't interested in a selfie. 

 Perfectly-Timed Photos, selfie
Image Source: nerdychemist / Reddit

10. "Excuse me, Sir! There's something in your ear."

 Perfectly-Timed Photos, bird
Image Source: Rusted-Jim / Reddit

11. Oops!!! (The kid is fine, by the way)

 Perfectly-Timed Photos,
Image Source: smashley1128 / Reddit
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