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A Quick Recipe For the Easiest Bread You Will Ever Bake

You've probably heard of ice cream cake, but have you ever heard of ice cream bread? It may sound a bit counterintuitive, using ice-cream for baking bread, but it actually makes for a super easy and incredibly soft and delicious treat. In fact, to make this delicious bread using ice cream, you only need one other ingredient! Let's run through this quick recipe and make ourselves some scrumptious slices of bread.

The 2 Magic Ingredients

A Recipe for easy and quick ice cream bread made with 2 ingredients, Ice cream cones

If you break down the ingredients used in ice cream, you'll see that you already have half the ingredients you need to make sweet bread, i.e., sugar, eggs, and cream. This recipe calls for the use of butter pecan ice cream but don't feel restricted by the flavor, you can go for anything you want. 

Another important ingredient for baking is self-rising flour, used for making everything from cookies and cakes to fried snacks and pizza! Self-rising flour contains salt, baking powder, and flour, which just happen to be the other three ingredients you need to make a loaf of fluffy and delicious bread. Toss in just a pinch of sugar and your bread is ready to go. 

A Recipe for easy and quick ice cream bread made with 2 ingredients, Ben & Jerry’s Late night snack ice cream and self-rising flour


So here are the ingredients you need: 

  • 1 cup of butter pecan ice cream
  • 3/4 cup of self-rising flour
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar


This delightful sweet treat is easy enough to make once you have your ingredients in hand. In 4 simple steps your bread will be rising and ready

A Recipe for easy and quick ice cream bread made with 2 ingredients, A Loaf of bread sliced

Step 1: First make sure your ice cream is softened. If it's frozen solid, just microwave it for a few seconds. 

Step 2: Mix the softened ice cream with the self-rising flour and add in the sugar as well. Mix thoroughly until your batter is heavy and thick. 

Step 3: Pour your batter into a loaf pan (or any other suitable sized oven-friendly dish) and bake it for 25 minutes at 350°F. 

Step 4: After taking out your pan, allow it to cool for a few moments before removing your bread and slicing it. It tastes best served hot. 

Enjoy Some Variety! 

A Recipe for easy and quick ice cream bread made with 2 ingredients, A multitude of ice creams and toppings

The best thing about this loaf of sweet baked goodness is that you don't have to be restricted to butter pecan - in case you're not a fan. You can try baking this bread with other store-bought variants of ice cream, depending on the flavor of your choice. However, depending on the individual ingredients of each ice cream flavor, the results may vary. Chocolate chips and other meltable additions found in different flavors tend to sink to the bottom and melt adding a soft and gooey texture to your bread! So make sure to experiment with ice cream and bake the best bread.

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