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15 Times Animals Were Caught in Hilarious Situations

 Even on the dreariest of days, when we don’t even feel like smiling, animals have the rare talent of making us laugh out loud in spite of ourselves. This photo collection contains exactly such moments when our furry friends acted in an absolutely hilarious manner, and luckily, it was all caught on camera. Scroll through these funny images and we assure you, keeping a straight face will be impossible!

1. A fun post-shower transformationFunny Animal Photos, dog with moustache

2. That moment you wake up from a nap and don't know where you are...Funny Animal Photos, small dog in owner's pocket

3. Someone had a long dayFunny Animal Photos, dog in shopping cart

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4. It's playtime and this cat isn't too happy about itFunny Animal Photos, cat and croc toy

5. How did this even happen?Funny Animal Photos, cat and dog

6. Someone looks pretty pleased with himselfFunny Animal Photos, dog with funny sign

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7. A bit of fresh asphalt will not stop this tortoise from reaching its destinationFunny Animal Photos, turtle ruins new asphalt

8. Help! Funny Animal Photos, tangled cat

9. "Yes, I can confirm that the cake turned out delicious."Funny Animal Photos, pig eating cake

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10. Surprise in a spaghetti bowlFunny Animal Photos, hedgehog in spaghetti

11. This poor duck looks absolutely devastated!Funny Animal Photos, duck

12. I am not sure if this is the right role model for the little onesFunny Animal Photos, kittens watch tom and jerry

13. "And then he said what?!"Funny Animal Photos, panda bears in playground

14. SmileFunny Animal Photos, cat

15. A swing and a snack? This raccoon is having the time of his lifeFunny Animal Photos, raccoon

Source of images: The Chive

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