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The 5 Worst Colors for Your Bedroom Walls

  Painting your bedroom walls can be a fun DIY project and make you feel more at home in your bedroom, which after all, should be your sanctuary. But before you get to work, there is the task of choosing the color. According to decor experts, there are a number of hues that you better pass on, when it comes to your walls. The way you design your bedroom should not only represent your personal tastes but also provide a feeling of coziness that promotes a good night’s sleep.

Believe it or not, color choices in your bedroom can largely affect how calm you feel and how well you rest in the evenings. So what colors are best to steer clear of? Here's a handy list:


  • Red - while bold colors like red can look stylish, they also tend to evoke feelings of excitement and passion, or even anger. These inflammatory emotions could keep your mind too active right before bedtime and disrupt your sleep. The vibrancy of red is better suited for places that encourage activity, like a gym.
The 5 Worst Colors for Your Bedroom Walls, black bedroom
  • Black - not only will black walls darken the room, but they will also create an illusion that the room is smaller than it actually is. The darkness may aid in falling asleep, but it can consequently cause difficulty in getting up in the morning and may psychologically decrease your energy.
  • Yellow - yellow is a highly stimulating color, mostly associated with the brightness of the sun. Much like red, the color yellow reminds the brain of the time it is the most alert. While this cheerful tone may be great for daytime, a yellow-hued bedroom can make falling asleep at night rather difficult. 
  • Lime Green - while there are many shades of green that elicit tranquility and would work well in the bedroom, lime green is not one of them. This vibrant shade of green should be left for a space like a kitchen or living room, where we spend the more upbeat parts of the day. If you’re set on green tones for your bedroom, opt for shades that are closer to mint or sage. 
The 5 Worst Colors for Your Bedroom Walls, yellow bedroom
  • Brown - the darkness of the color provides a sense of heaviness and gloom. Moreover, dark shades may make you unmotivated to get up in the morning, as we mentioned previously. If your heart is set on brown tones, make sure you select a very light shade.
  • Orange - orange bursts with brightness and vitality, which makes it ideal for a playroom, but not so much for a bedroom. Opting for a peach color will give the room the warmth associated with orange, while also providing a softer vibe.

​All in all, softer, muted tones work great for your bedroom, and the same rules can also be applied to other decorative elements in the bedroom, such as the curtains, carpets, and bedding. We hope this guide helped you make up your mind if you're planning on redecorating.

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