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Which Food Does Every US State Love and Hate the Most?

 Food preferences are very subjective. The foods you love the most might also be the least favorite foods of your neighbors and friends. But it’s also true that a person’s food preferences are greatly influenced by the foods you’ve been eating as a child, the foods accessible to you at restaurants, or even foods you’ve seen on TV or read about.

This way, food preferences become a very important representation of a specific culture or community, and over time, this can even lead to the creation of a whole new style of cuisine. Like any other country, the United States has its hallmark foods and drinks that foreigners and Americans associate with the country. We imagine this is exactly where the saying “as American as apple pie” came from. But it turns out that some of the foods one would think all Americans enjoy, like chicken nuggets and coke, are widely hated in certain US states.

How do we know that? We're glad you asked, as it allows us to show you two fascinating maps that will tell you all about the food preferences in every state. The first map has been conducted based on a survey by the Cooking Channel, and it will show you the favorite foods in every state, whereas the second map is precisely the opposite. It had been created by an app called Hater, and it will show you the least-favored food in every state in the US. Enjoy!
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The Most Loved Foods in Every US State

most loved and hated foods in the USA 1
Image Source: Reddit

The Most Hated Foods in Every US State

most loved and hated foods in the USA 2
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