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15 Deserted Places That Are Being Taken Over By Nature

 There’s a quiet beauty in desolate locations, isn’t it? We have seen several abandoned buildings and mansions that, despite looking forlorn, also appear fascinating. The world is filled with many such unoccupied places and things. Even ordinary things like cottages, railway tracks, mines, bunkers, and even roller coasters are left neglected many a time for several years for some reason or the other. The incredible part is that while these things are left alone, they are being reclaimed by nature.

Today, we will look at a few such abandoned places all over the world that are being taken over by nature. There’s something sad yet magical in these places and they once again remind us that nature ALWAYS finds a way. 

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1. A deserted roller coaster that has been taken over by nature. 

Abandoned Places, roller coaster

2. The Roosevelt Gold Mine in Ohio City, Colorado. The place has been desolate since 1919.

Abandoned Places, Roosevelt Gold Mine
Image source: infocus5280 / Reddit

3. An old discarded hard hat that has been taken over by goose barnacles.

Abandoned Places, hard hat
Image source: ShahrumSmith / Reddit

4. This deserted train in the Maine Woods in the US looks so spooky!

Abandoned Places, abandoned train

5. A forsaken cottage in England.

Abandoned Places,  abandoned cottage
Image source: safcbullyjr / reddit

6. A barren church in rural Virginia.

Abandoned Places, Virginia.
Image source: dsashwood1 / Reddit

7. An old bunker in Norway.

Abandoned Places, old bunker
Image source: LiquidRaid3n / Reddit

8. A "forest" appears to be growing on this deserted roof in a vacant villa in Italy.

Abandoned Places, abandoned roof
Image source: BWT_Urbex / Reddit

9. A forsaken railway bridge in the Czech Republic.

abandoned railway bridge

10. This lonely piano has become a part of the scenery in Uzupis in Vilnius.

Abandoned Places, piano
Image source: andtilly / reddit

11. A neglected iron forge in Kentucky, US.

Abandoned Places, iron forge
Image source: P3rch4nc3 / Reddit

12. One wonders if this abandoned ship in Belgium has some interesting history. 

Abandoned Places, ship
Image source: zachary321 / Reddit

13. A desolate mobile station over a cemetery.

abandoned places
Image source: andtilly / Reddit

14. An abandoned hydroelectric plant in Waga River, Japan.

Abandoned Places, hydroelectric plant
Image source: pejiita / Reddit

15. This appears to be an old and vacant house of some sheriff. Look at that car! It surely would be considered vintage today.

Abandoned Places,  vintage  car

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