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Witness the Natural World in Exquisite Details – 15 Photos

 Sometimes even the most ordinary things in nature can reveal something extraordinary when you look at them closely. This is what the Close-up Photographer of the Year competition attempts to highlight. The competition, which is now in its second year, aims to bring forth the tiny world that often goes unnoticed right in front of our eyes through micro, macro, and close-up photography. The organizers announced the winning photos from the contest recently and they are truly stunning!

In this year’s contest, more than 6,500 images were submitted from photographers in 52 different countries. The categories included were Animals, Insects, Plants and Fungi, Intimate Landscape, Manmade World, Young (photographers under 17), and Micro (photos taken using a microscope). Eventually, French photographer Galice Hoarau was named Close-up Photographer of the Year for his outstanding photograph of an eel larva taken during a blackwater dive in Indonesia.

Here, we have selected some of the winning photos from various categories of the Close-up Photographer of the Year awards, and they are sure to take your breath away.

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1. “Cheshire Gecko” by Bernhard Schubert (Austria). Finalist, Animals.

Close-Up Photographer, Gecko

2. “Little Winter Wonderland” by Alexander Mett (Germany). Finalist, Plants & Fungi.

Close-Up Photographer, Plants & Fungi

3. “Eel Larva” by Galice Hoarau (France). Winner, Close Up Photographer of the Year.

Close-Up Photographer, Eel Larva

4. “Fragile” by Mike Curry (UK). Winner, Insects.

Close-Up Photographer,  Insects.

5. “Bufo Bufo” by Mathieu Foulquié (France). Third Place, Animals.

Close-Up Photographer, frog

6. “Sand Falls” by Csaba Daroczi (Hungary). Finalist, Intimate Landscape.

Close-Up Photographer, Sand

7. “Glassworm” by Andrei Savitsky (Ukraine). Winner, Micro.

Close-Up Photographer, Glassworm

8. “Ice Landscape” by Edwin Giesbers (Netherlands). Third Place, Intimate Landscape.

Close-Up Photographer, Ice Landscape

9. “Life Cycle of Soap Bubble Iridescence” by Kym Cox (UK). Winner, Manmade World.

Close-Up Photographer, Soap Bubble

10. “Stag Beetle” by Edwin Giesbers (Netherlands). Finalist, Insects.

Close-Up Photographer, Stag Beetle

11. “Little Ball” by Tamas Koncz-Bisztricz. Winner, Young Close Up Photographer of the Year.

Close-Up Photographer,

12. “The Boss” by Marco Maggesi (Italy). Finalist, Insects.

Close-Up Photographer, Insects.

13. “Balance” by Petar Sabol (Croatia). Finalist, Insects.

Close-Up Photographer, butterfly

14. “The Signal” by Chien Lee (United States). Third Place, Insects.

Close-Up Photographer,

15. “Herculis” by Benoît Audureau (France). Finalist, Manmade World.

Close-Up Photographer,

Image source: Close-up Photographer of the Year

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