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Rodent Alert: Ways You May Be Inviting Mice into Your Home

 Listen, we think mice are cute, too, but that doesn’t mean that we want them in our homes. After all, these adorable critters could pose a real danger to human health - mice spread such diseases as salmonellosis, hantavirus, leptospirosis, and yes, they’re the ones responsible for spreading the plague, too! Apart from that, rodents can also ruin your food supplies and damage your home, so it’s important to keep them as far from you as possible.
But instead of just getting rid of the rodent problem when it arises, we say it's much easier to prevent it from happening to begin with. Have you been unknowingly attracting rodents into your home? Below we list 6 ways you may actually be inviting these pests into your house.

1. Plants are growing around the perimeter of your house

6 Things That Attract Rodents to Your Home weeds and cluttered garden
A pretty flowerbed framing the perimeter of your home's entrance may be pleasing to the eye, but pest control experts point out that plants growing around the perimeter of your home may serve as a covering for rodents. That's right, mice don't just eat grass and other plants, they nest in them, too. Therefore, it's instrumental to cut away any plants or weeds adjacent to the foundation of the house, as well as any broken and old pieces of siding.
Mice are especially attracted to houses surrounded by ivy or dense bushes, such as pachysandras because they provide good cover for the pests. Instead of growing any of these plants around your home, it's better to plant vegetation that repels rodents, such as peppermint, lavender, catnip, hyacinth, daffodils, amaryllis, or even elderberries. By creating an unpleasant environment without a cover and with plenty of flowers and vegetation they can't eat, mice will be very unlikely to take up residence in your home.

2. You free-feed your pets

6 Things That Attract Rodents to Your Home dog food

Free-feeding your pets has its obvious advantage - your pets don't have to wait for you to come home to get a meal. However, leaving food out for your pets may also urge some uninvited guests of the rodent variety to join the feast. Instead, train your pet to have meal times, much like humans, and clean up any leftovers promptly after they finished the meal.

Of course, you should also put away any human foods and store everything sealed away to repel pests. This means putting away that bowl of fruit from the countertop into the fridge, storing cereal and other pantry staples in sealable containers, and cleaning up any morsels and spills after each meal.

3. There are leaks you’re not aware of in your home

6 Things That Attract Rodents to Your Home woman repairing kitchen sink leak
Much like humans, rodents, too, need both food and water to survive, though mice and rats need much less moisture than humans and sometimes can sustain themselves on food alone. That said, leaks and any places with high moisture are widely known to attract rodents and their strong sense of smell is capable of finding even the smallest leaks in the walls.
Rats are also capable of chewing through plastic pipes in search of water, so a leak may also be a sign of a rat infestation. In this case, you'll usually be able to see bite marks on the leaky pipe and you may also find rodent droppings nearby.

4. Your house or garage are cluttered

6 Things That Attract Rodents to Your Home cluttered garage
Here's another reason to declutter that garage as soon as possible. The thing is that plants surrounding your house aren't the only cover rodents will settle in - they're happy to hide in any cluttered room, in a box of old clothes or Christmas decorations, or behind a stack of old newspapers. So, keeping your garage, shed, and house tidy at all times will ensure there's no place for the rodents to create a nest or hide. 

5. Open trash cans

6 Things That Attract Rodents to Your Home trash cans
How does that saying go? One man's trash is a rat's treasure? Well, that sounds about right for our purposes, as we're here to remind you that your trash, including spoiled food and leftovers, is a real feast for all sorts of pests, including rats and mice. So, to keep them away, it's always important to use trash cans with heavy or lockable lids both indoors and outdoors. By sealing away the trash, you're depriving your unwanted rodent guests from their food, and if they see that there's nothing left for them to eat, they will leave. 

6. You have a car you haven’t been using for a while

6 Things That Attract Rodents to Your Home old car in the yard
An unexpected place where mice can take up residence is in your car, especially if you haven't used it in a while. It doesn't matter where you keep it - in the garage or in the yard - mice will enjoy living in an old car. This is because old vehicles are typically cluttered, and they will eat and chew on any leftover food wrappers, upholstery, and they will find water in the car's engine and shelter under the hood of the vehicle. What's not to love (if you're a mouse)? 
Of course, for car owners, this is bad news because mice can seriously damage wires, upholstery, and the inside of the vehicle. Rodents may also die in the vehicle, and if that happens, it will be really difficult for you to clean the car and get rid of the terrible smell.
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