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These Stores Will Surprise You With Their Innovation

 Even though we are going through a global pandemic and we have had to make so many changes in our lifestyle, one thing that remains constant is the visit to the grocery store. While many opt for online shopping for their groceries these days, a visit to an actual supermarket is still the preferred option for the majority of people. There are many, in fact, who really enjoy their grocery store visits.
Grocery stores, too, these days are trying to stay one step ahead and make the life of their customers easier. In these pictures, we have featured some unique grocery stores that surprised people with their creativity - from a store that gives free fruits to kids to one that has specially designed carts for people’s pets. Take a look.

1. This grocery store uses balloons in its produce section to let people know where all of their favorite fruits and veggies are.

Grocery Stores, fruits and veggies

2. If you get separated from your spouse while shopping in this store, you can meet them in this aisle with a dedicated meet-up point.

Grocery Stores, spouse

3. In this supermarket, you can safely keep your pet dog in an air-conditioned, comfortable stall while you shop. 

Grocery Stores, pet dog

4. Here's another store that takes special care of people's pets by providing them with carts specifically designed to transport your lovable animals.

Grocery Stores, carts

5. This store's carts have an actual Tablet on them. You can search for anything you need with its help. 

Grocery Stores, Tablet 

6. A grocery store with a meat vending machine outside. Just in case you arrive after the store is closed.

Grocery Stores,  meat vending machine

7. This grocery store's bathroom allows you to test the various brands of toilet paper they sell.

Grocery Stores, toilet paper

8. In this grocery store's carts you will find a magnifying glass attached. This will enable you to read food labels more comfortably. 

Grocery Stores, magnifying glass

9. This supermarket prints labels right on the produce itself with the help of edible ink. This helps to lessen packaging waste.

Grocery Stores, edible ink

10. Now, this is a store you must take your kids to because they give free fruits to children. 

Grocery Stores, fruits

11.  The "banana color guide" in this supermarket ensures that you buy the fruits at the perfect ripeness.

Grocery Stores, banana

12. Hate standing in line? This grocery store is ideal for you as they keep the waiting time short by guaranteeing that if you're fourth in line, your groceries are free.

Grocery Stores, queues

13. A grocery store with a bar in the middle of it. If you are waiting for a friend or partner to finish shopping, you can spend some time at the bar instead. 

Grocery Stores, bar
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