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Bob Dylan’s Most Evocative and Timeless Hits

 Bob Dylan is one of the 20th century’s most influential singer-songwriters, known for songs that chronicle social and political issues. Although much of his music is related to protest and the time it was written, it has remained resonant for more than 50 years. Born under the name Robert Allen Zimmerman, Dylan grew up in Minnesota, and in his youth, he was mostly influenced by early rock'n'roll stars like Elvis Presley and Little Richard.

In 1960, Dylan dropped out of university and moved to New York, where he soon became a regular at the folk clubs and coffeehouses of Greenwich Village. In the span of just 15 months, he recorded three of the most influential rock albums of the 1960s: Bringing It All Back Home (1965), Highway 61 Revisited (1965), and Blonde on Blonde (1966). Commenting on the six-minute single "Like a Rolling Stone" (1965), Rolling Stone wrote: "No other pop song has so thoroughly challenged and transformed the commercial laws and artistic conventions of its time, for all time."

We hope you enjoy this playlist of Bob Dylan’s biggest and most evocative songs.

Cover Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


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