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Powerful Sports Quotes That Will Make You Push Yourself Up

 Life, at times, can be quite a tough ride. We’ve all gone through those phases, haven’t we? When nothing seems to be going right. When we lose motivation towards our goal. When we seem to have fallen into an abyss and can’t pull ourselves out of it. It’s okay. Remember, that you are not alone. Inspiration might just be waiting for you around the corner.
Nothing, perhaps, can be more inspirational than looking at the life of some great athletes who have conquered numerous challenges despite the hurdles in their life and yet came out on top. You need not be a sports fan to appreciate what they have achieved and feel inspired by their journey. Listening to some of their thoughts, in fact, can be the biggest fillip for us to push ourselves up. To understand their views on success and failure and the other vagaries of life can serve as a lesson for all of us.
Today, we will share some truly powerful quotes from some of the greatest athletes in history. The views of these sports champions have served as an inspiration to millions of people many for years and might just be the stimulus you need right now.

1. Muhammad Ali, Boxer

Sports Quotes, Muhammad Ali
Image source: Reddit

2. Michael Jordan, Basketball player

Sports Quotes, Michael Jordan
Image source: Imgur

3. Michael Phelps, Swimmer

Sports Quotes, Michael Phelps

4. Andre Agassi, Tennis player

Sports Quotes, Andre Agassi
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

5. Nadia Comaneci, Gymnast

Sports Quotes, Nadia Comaneci
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

6. Pele, Footballer 

Sports Quotes, Pele
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

7. Serena Williams, Tennis player

Sports Quotes, Serena Williams

8. Babe Ruth, Baseball player

Sports Quotes, Babe Ruth
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

9. Emil Zátopek, Long-distance runner

Sports Quotes, Emil Zátopek
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

10. Tiger Woods, Golfer

Sports Quotes, Tiger Woods
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