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These 15 Hilariously Naughty Pets Were Caught in the Act

 We all love our pets and will be the first to say that all pets are beautiful angels who make us smile every day. However, our pets do not always meet the high expectations we have of them, and when boredom and stubbornness strike, they, too, are known to be quite naughty at times. This is exactly what happened with these 15 adorable little fellas, who were caught red-pawed and made to pay for their “crimes” by wearing signs of their wrongdoings.

1. This dog's contribution to home decor wasn't particularly well received

Naughty Pets wall chewing dog

2. You need to be a real villain to poop in the washing machine

Naughty Pets cat that poops in the washing machine

3. Not a shadow of remorse in those eyes!

Naughty Pets fish that bites

4. Some parrots may be too clever...

Naughty Pets parrot that pooped in cereal
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5. Ms. Grinch strikes again!

Naughty Pets cat who ate christmas decorations

6. We hope she at least enjoyed the pre-paid movie she ordered

Naughty Pets dog who chewed on TV remote

7. Look at this guilty little fashionista

Naughty Pets dog who chewed up a bra

8. We heard that snakes can be sly, but this is a whole new level of sly and sneaky!

Naughty Pets snake that poops in hoodies

9. Looks like Kaya destroys couches professionally, that's quite a lot of damage in just 2 hours of 'work'!

Naughty Pets dog that destroyed a couch

10. "Yawn, veggies always make me SOO sleepy..."

Naughty Pets lizard that pretends to be asleep when fed veggies

11. Maybe she's not really jealous, maybe she just wanted to fix the plant arrangement...

Naughty Pets dog who pulled out plant out of pot

12. Proof that the laptop is every pet's arch-enemy!

Naughty Pets cat who bit a laptop

13. At least he's sorry! Right?

Naughty Pets banana bread thief

14. Finally, a good boy!

Naughty Pets dog who's scared of its own farts

15. Maybe that was his plan all along? To get a new T-shirt!

Naughty Pets dog who ate underwearSource for all images: izismile
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