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These People Found Eco-Friendly Ways to Recycle Old Things

 Mother Nature has blessed our world with more things than we probably realize. After all, there’s more to nature than just lakes, mountains, and forests. If we put our minds to proper use, we can take great benefit of things from nature to give new life to a lot of old items we would generally discard. In this collection of pictures below, for instance, you will see how several people have found innovative eco-friendly ways to recycle and upcycle old things.

From using avocado pits to make necklaces to making ice cream cups from banana leaves, here are some great examples of sustainable upcycling that can give us all some much-needed inspiration. 

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1. This ice cream cup has been made from banana leaves!

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, ice cream cup
Image source: Acid Cow

2. A newlywed couple planted these sycamore trees that lead to their house. This symbolized togetherness for them...

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, sycamore trees
Image source: Acid Cow

3. A national park in Sweden refused to cut the trees that were in the way of a bridge. They simply left the trees that way.

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, bridge
Image source: Acid Cow

4. This pencil has seeds on the tip. When it's too small to use, you can plant it and a tree will grow out of it.

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, pencil
Image source: Acid Cow

5. A coffee cup made from recycled coffee grounds.

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, coffee cup
Image source: Acid Cow

6. In a parking lot in Hawaii, the authorities didn't use paint to draw the lines. Instead, they let nature take care of it.

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, parking lot
Image source: Acid Cow

7. A disposable bowl made out of pressed leaves. These are very common in India. 

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, disposable bowl
Image source: Acid Cow

8. A local community used old metal chairs as a new fence!

Eco-Friendly Upcycling,
Image source: Acid Cow

9. This office building is made up of old shipping containers.

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, office building
Image source: Acid Cow

10. WOW! That's an incredibly beautiful bougainvillea house in San Francisco.

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, bougainvillea house
Image source: Acid Cow

11. This local bakery leaves out a bag of unsold pastries instead of throwing them away and creating additional waste.

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, bakery
Image source: Acid Cow

12. A unique eco-friendly soap refill station in Canada.

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, eco-friendly soap refill station
Image source: Acid Cow

13. A man took the discarded old fence from his friend and used it to make garden boxes.

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, fence
Image source: Acid Cow

14. A number of New Zealand supermarkets are trying to use less plastic for fruits and veggies.

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, supermarkets
Image source: Acid Cow

15. Instead of using stickers, a supermarket is using engraved letters on fruits and veggies such as this avocado. This prevents people from switching stickers on organic fruits.

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, avocado
Image source: Acid Cow

16. Amazing! A spring that flows through a living tree...

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, spring
Image source: Acid Cow

17. The people of this town disguise their cell towers to look like pine trees so they don’t stand out.

Eco-Friendly Upcycling, cell towers
Image source: Acid Cow

18. This guy carved avocado pits into necklace pendants and talismans.

Avocado Pits

Image source: Acid Cow

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