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20 Stunning Rugs Designed by Azerbaijani Artist Faig Ahmed

 Azerbaijani carpets have become a staple in homes world over, beloved for their vibrant colors, geometric symmetry and traditional patterns. In fact, the ancient craft of weaving carpets has been an integral part of Azerbaijani culture for centuries and these delightful fabrics have been draped across floors, walls and furniture to give each home a tasteful splash of shapes and colors. 

Faig Ahmed is an artist from Azerbaijan, who is gaining fame for his multipurpose rugs. He takes these traditional patterns and blends them with his unique and contemporary artistic style. His fascinating pieces show that a glitch in perfection can create a new kind of beauty. Ahmed's useful works of art combine 2500 year old designs with 21st century innovation to bring you these wonderful pieces that are perfect for every home and for art exhibitions.

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